Yummy : a panna-cotta of melon

Panna Cotta

Do you know the French-style panna cotta?

For 4 persons

Preparation: 30 minutes

Cooking: 5 minutes

Soften the gelatin sheets in cold water.

Pour the milk and the coconut milk, the sugar and the vanilla in a pan until it boils.

When the mixture begins to boil, remove the pan from the fire and add the drained gelatin.

Stir well and divide into 4 cups.

Allow to cool down and place for 4 hours in the icebox.

Peel the melon and remove the seeds.

Peel the melon and cut the flesh in thin strips to form

rosace shapes.

Preparing the syrup.

Pour the water and the sugar in a pan and bring to boil.

As soon as the sugar is totally melted, stop the cooking and pour on the melon slices. Add a few cut up mint leaves.

When serving, sprinkle a crushed cookie on the panna cotta, then place the melon rosaces.


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- 1 melon from the Haut-Poitou IGP

- 4 shortbread cookies from Brittany

For the coconut panna cotta :

- 400g of milk

- 400g of coconut milk

- 100g of icing sugar

- 4 sheets of gelatin

- 1 vanilla pod

For the syrup :

- 200g of water

- 150g of semolina sugar

- A few mint leaves

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