The lightest rolls of summer

Rolls Legumes Bjorg

This is the new passion for twigs. Rolls of super healthy vegetables, 100% veggie and without rice noodles. Most ? It's vegan !

For 8 rolls


Brown the diced Veggie Galette in a pan. Reserve.

Clean the chard leaves, taking care not to break them. Dry them thoroughly.

Spread a sheet of one or two tablespoons of Bjorg Curry Courgette & Cuisine on the underside of the sheet.

Top with carrots , radishes , cherry tomatoes and diced vegetables .

Fold the bottom part of the leaf over, wrapping the vegetables tightly, then fold up the sides and roll up tightly.

Repeat the operation with the other leaves.

To serve, cut the rolls in half and serve with Tartine & Cuisine Courgette Curry Bjorg .

Also discover: avocado tempura for the aperitif .

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