5 cocooning treatments to book absolutely

Soins Instituts Beaute

What could be more perfectly loving than surrendering to the divine hands of massage experts when morale / mercury melts like snow in the sun? A single obsession: reserve dare dare an ultimate cuddly care and treat yourself to the most deserved bubbles of softness in the heart of winter. Our short list of places where the magic happens.

les jardins suspendus

The place: And three! After eastern Paris and Boulogne, the green spa founded by Déborah Seroka is finally taking up residence in the 9th arrondissement, to the delight of the coquettes of SoPi in search of exceptional massages and organic treatments . It looks like the South… Ocher walls and vegetal notes invite you to escape like a short trip to Ibiza under the gray Parisian weather in January. As a bonus: a minishop that deals in grand cru elixirs : Les Huilettes , Maison Alaena , etc.

The treatment to book: The “signature” massage , the must try that matches the season. Inspired by

Californian modeling, he takes up the fluid and enveloping gestures. The pressure is soft and light. The virtues of this timeless practiced with coconut or sesame oil : irrigate the tissues and plunge into a state of deep relaxation. The hands of Elisabeth, the practitioner , dance over the body in a perpetual caress. We would like it to last… forever! Special mention for the cool swinging playlist of Lana Del Rey : it's a change from spa music .

Massage relaxant 60 min - 105 €

The Hanging Gardens , 5 rue de Douai, Paris 9th. 01 40 35 43 07 .

Mount Kailash Spa

The place: Hidden in a courtyard of the 2nd, it is an authentic place prized by purists of highly technical massages. Entering this temple dedicated to the rituals of the Himalayas is a journey in itself. A long corridor, a few steps... here you are in the holy of holies: a cozy space bathed in soft light with adjoining massage cabins and a small lounge decorated with cushions and mandalas where you can sip a medicinal infusion after the service.

The treatment to book: The nugget on the menu: The Mount Kalaish Experience , a high-flying protocol carried out masterfully by the Tibetan-born masseuse Yangla . This ritual, inspired by an ancestral technique of acupressure on the meridians , meticulously maps the body, alternating stretching, rolling of the skin, pressure with the thumb or the palm… All cradled by the hypnotic mantra Om mani padme um diffused in a loop. More than a massage , a rejuvenation treatment that cures all ailments.

Mount Kailash experience 1h30 - 140 €

Mount Kailash , 16 rue Saint Marc, Paris 2nd. 01 42 36 03 30 .

Hair spa by Daphne Narcy

The holistic place that never stops buzzing: the HoY Hotel , a temple for healthy girls who love infrared yoga classes by Yuj and the plant-based canteen / Mesa coffee-shop , perfect for lunch or to grab a bite to eat a chai latte straight off. But this is not the time for feasts.

Head to the sweet spot: a bedroom on the 3rd floor revamped into a cozy cabin with a pretty glass roof, natural textiles and woody decor. Gone is the bed, replaced by a state-of-the-art massage table .

The treatment to book: A golden scalp massage orchestrated by the divine Daphne Narcy , expert in natural treatments based on powders and precious oils , creator of hair rituals combining Balinese tradition, shiatsu and reflexology. After the diagnosis, place for the inner journey. Subdued light, soft music, ideal temperature… the lukewarm oil is applied line by line on the scalp, gently massaged for long minutes, providing chills and total disconnection. An unforgettable time.

The Hair Spa 1h30 - 145 €

Hotel HoY - Daphne Narcy , 68 rue des Martyrs, Paris 9th. 01 77 37 87 20 .


The place: We knew Bloom , the 2.0 studio that makes Parisiennes meditate at the end of the wheel. Here is his stylish little brother, incubated in the 9th in the coworking Morning. A pocket version featuring a room dedicated to signature classes: mindfulness meditation, yin yoga , soundbath … in small groups (6 mats max).

The novelty here: the possibility of booking a treatment immediately, in a cabin equipped - you don't change a winning decor - with the famous wall of Himalayan salt bricks with soothing properties.

The treatment to book: Undoubtedly the unique meditation + massage formula , the interest of which is obvious: preparing the mind and releasing bodily tensions to potentiate the effects of the massage . And it works ! After a relaxation in the crystal bowls , the body is ready for the holy grail , namely: an ultra-enveloping and relaxing full-body oil massage that acts on muscle relaxation.

Formulas from 61 to 105 €. Massage introductory offer 60 min - 60 €

Bloom , 34 rue Laffitte, Paris 9th.


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