These neo-shamans who treat Parisiennes

Soin Energetique


Notice to Parisiennes lacking in spirituality : by no means reserved for your perched cousin who talks to trees, energy treatments are the new fad of the moment to boost your potential and vibrate on a higher frequency. We tested, we tell you everything.

An energy remodeling at Nouvelle


For whom: Those who want the butter and the silver of the butter, namely a glowing mine AND a mindset at the top .

The place At the end of a 17th century courtyard, an intimate cocoon reserved for women , decorated with designer furniture and beautiful objects: Belo Belo embroidered cushions, Thalia Dalecky sculptures … The tone is set: this is a safe place . We like: the comfy cabins with state-of -the-art hotel bedding .

The technique The perfect alchemy between a toned and perfectly executed facial massage followed by an empowerment session under hypnosis .

How it works ? After a long interview to identify needs, Charlotte Vallet , an expert hypnotherapist in neuroscience , delivers a unique protocol . Phase 1 : a deep tissue massage to plump the features and relax the whole body. The mind goes into airplane mode. Phase 2 : a hypnosis session to release unconscious blockages and reset the brain to fresh new start mode. Good news: no need to believe in it to have benefits , on the contrary, skeptics would be even more receptive.

Verdict An in and out coaching that builds self-confidence while dealing with the visible signs of aging, we validate! Pssst: go listen to Charlotte Vallet Visions Nouvelles podcast , with lots of inspiring women.

€145 for a 1h30 energy remodeling treatment at Nouvelle, 87 bis avenue de Wagram, 75017. Go to 06 85 45 84 83 and online

A sound massage at Zen&Sounds


For whom: control freaks who can't let go with a classic massage.

The technique: Sound therapy , the secret of hyperactive people to recharge the batteries durably.

The place: After Ibiza, Zen&Sounds inaugurated this Zen sanctuary in the heart of the 20th arrondissement with a large room for gong sessions (to be tested) and solo or duo massage cabins . To come back down to earth, a lounge with herbal teas, lemon water and unlimited kefir and even a mini shop where you can stock up on sage , incense, stones… to complete its mystical décor .

How it works: Before the massage, the practitioner takes stock with you of what 's stuck at the moment (stress at work? difficulty sleeping ? chronic migraines ?) and let's go for the show : the Tibetan bowls are placed on the different parts of the body (dressed) then hit by following the paths of the chakras and energy meridians . The vibratory wave propagates in all the cells . Powerful.

Verdict: an intense feeling of relaxation and well-being . Double Kiss Cool effect : dopamine floods the brain. In other words: we are high , without having consumed the slightest illicit substance .

€95 for an individual sound massage at Zen&Sounds, 88 boulevard de Charonne, 75020 Paris. Book online or by phone on 09 54 32 99 79

A healing treatment with Chaman Family

For whom: free spirits and wild souls open to the experience. Cartesians abstain.

The technique: An inner journey of 1h30 guided by the solar Elsa Oliveira . Ex-decorator, this 2.0 shaman is the founder with her daughter Clara (also a healer , like all the women in the family) of Chaman Family . A wildly bohemian tribe that navigates between Palma de Mallorca and Paris and shares its holistic lifestyle on Insta .

The place: Neither dark nor weird, quite the contrary. A stone's throw from the Champs-Elysées , the Maison Epigénetic , Mecca of anti-aging whose reputation is second to none, welcomes in its high standing salons these healing treatments with two or four hands (mother and daughter) prized by the Paris, which has pundits from the CAC 40 in search of spirituality , to actresses who come to have their cards drawn between two laser sessions.

How it works: After a tarot reading (which is right on target) to the sound of mantras, the very relaxing session mixes ancestral rituals , drumming, sacred geometry ... the goal: to circulate energy , cut the toxic ties of the past to express one's highest potential . Leave the mind (and the clichés) in the locker room and don't try to rationalize , the ways of the mind are impenetrable.

Verdict Wow! We don't know how, but the magic happens. We come out clean from the inside, with clear ideas and a feeling of freedom . Bluffing.

€130 for a 1h30 Heaven and Earth treatment at Maison Epigenetic, 4 rue Cimarosa, 75116 Paris. Online booking

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