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Water, gummies, iced herbal teas or kefir, we savor these delicious new beauty potions for a radiant complexion, vigorous hair, flawless skin, light legs and a flat stomach .

For strong and shiny hair

Rich in biotin, zinc, iron and arugula, these delicious Hairboost gummies from Madame La Présidente can be eaten whenever you want during the day to restore vigor, shine and vitality to the hair while slowing down hair loss.

One-month cure, Hair Boost, 60 capsules, Madam President, €24.90

For flawless skin

Nettle, burdock, zinc, birch make up the formula of these gummies from the cocorico Saève brand . So good thanks to their natural grapefruit aroma, they solve the problem of oily skin by detoxifying the body, reducing pimples and imperfections and protecting against oxidative stress. With 2 gummies a day in 1 month, the problem is solved.

Anti-blemish gummies, 60 gummies, Saève, €29.90

For an anti-aging result

The new Unique moisturizing cure offers a new gesture to drink more and better. We start when we wake up with a fruity shot with aromas of raspberry, blackberry, orange, ginger and lavender in an ampoule packed with vitamin C for radiance and anti-aging active ingredients such as marine collagen and hyaluronic acid . We then dissolve the small ball sip of the same active ingredients in 750ml of water (or more) to savor without moderation and with joy this water with the natural flavor of lemon.

Unique Beauty moisturizing cure, 30 vials of 10 ml + 30 booster beads, €49

For a dream glow

BeauTea Anti-thirst Absolution is the essential refreshing and thirst-quenching beauty drink for summer. Turmeric, wild pansy, lemongrass, orange and apple make up this theine-free summer recipe, to drink with delight throughout the day to rebalance the ecosystem, soothe abused skin and restore the glow.

La BeauTea Anti-thirst Harmonizing, Absolution, €16

Anti cellulite

To be taken hot or cold throughout the day, the freeze-dried Revival White herbal tea from Palace Merano promotes the dissolution of the most entrenched cellulite thanks to its detoxifying active ingredients. Green mate, nettle leaves, birch leaves, rooibos, liquorice, anise, juniper berry and coriander seeds make up this natural botanical bouquet that drains and promotes transit for light legs and a flat stomach.

Revival White 10 shots, Palace Merano, €30

For glowing skin

Full of hyaluronic acid and antioxidant active ingredients such as zinc and vitamin C contained in acerola, the composition of Hydra-Eclat Holidermie gummies promises well-hydrated skin, a luminous complexion and, thanks to ashwagandha with adaptogenic properties, , a calm mind. 2 delicious gummies a day are enough.

Hydra-eclat erasers 60 Holidermie erasers, €32

To deflate

Kefir & Me brand kefir , 100% organic and artisanal, naturally rich in probiotics , folic acid , proteins and vitamins B, C, K, is the beneficial drink of summer. With mango, raspberry, strawberry or watermelon, it can be enjoyed in small sips throughout the day and is a good alternative to sodas or other sugary drinks. By nourishing our intestinal microbiota , kefir soothes our stomach aches by promoting fluid digestion.

7-day boost treatment, Kefir & Me, €35

For a flat stomach

A bouquet of 7 organic medicinal plants with anti-inflammatory properties associated with gourmet extracts of lemon, apple and currant make up this delicious Krème iced infusion . Lemon balm, rosemary, turmeric verbena… alleviate stomach aches while lavender soothes and reduces stress. To be enjoyed iced for a flat stomach and clear skin.

Organic Digestion & Healthy Skin Infusion, Krème, €22

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