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Notice to all Parisiennes who are on the verge of burnout: we have found better than the holidays in Bali to knock out stress and copy the girls who are too caaaaaalmes for whom the expression “mental load” is an urban legend. The key ? TO BREATHE. An act performed 20,000 times a day that determines our level of stress… or serenity. We tested the best anti- burn out breathing techniques with the most advanced breathing experts of the moment.

The most hand-stitched: HoliBreath

For whom: those who resist group lessons and who want tailor-made support.

Where ? Appointment is made in Boulogne , in the refined setting of an apartment in the beautiful districts. The priestess of the place: Chantal Lehmann , reiki practitioner , shiatsu master, acupuncturist and masseuse trained in Tokyo , Hong Kong , Los Angeles , Bali … Also creator of protocols for prestigious brands and spas . In short: a size of wellness whose address is whispered among the actresses of All-Paris who damn themselves for its holistic treatments performed in complete confidentiality.

The technique: After a complete check-up (diet, sleep, hygiene of life… everything goes), it's time for a 2-hour session personalized according to your needs.

HoliBreath , the method, is inspired by the best breathing techniques from around the world. On the program: guided meditation , yoga nidra , breathing exercises (filmed: to be able to reproduce them at home), deep relaxation , massage … We alternate postures on the back, cross-legged and standing, all guided by the advice of the coach benevolent which unravels the blockages and accompanies gently. The must: massages and delicate pressure on the meridians to release the tensions buried in the belly.

Verdict: It will take more than one session to reach zenitude but the effect is there: you come out lighter and anchored with a precise diagnosis and exercises to do at home.

Session 180 €

175 quarter boulevard Jean Jaurès, Boulogne-Billancourt. 01 78 76 90 02.

The most traditional: Spirotherapy

For whom: those who want to master the basic techniques.

The method: spirotherapy , a concept branded by Samuel Ganes , former star of the late Tiger, great manitou of pranayama (the Indian breathing technique ) followed by the most advanced and demanding yogis. Trained in India with masters, he has compiled 50 techniques from ancestral traditions but not only. There are also modern tools such as Win Hof hyperventilation or cardiac coherence .

On a mat, sitting cross-legged, on your heels or standing, you follow the exercises at a good pace: breathing by alternating the nostrils, sound breathing with a mantra or expectorant. Objectives: detoxify the lungs, boost metabolism and relax the nervous system.

We like: the super savvy coach who explains the names in Sanskrit and the physiological effects in the body. After 5 minutes, the lung capacity is increased by 30%, the pH of the blood is lowered and fat is burned (yes, you read that right) because, did you know: more than 80% of fat and toxins are in fact evacuated by the lungs in the form of CO2.f

Verdict: A complete and inclusive approach that can act on balance and physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Spirotherapy, Solar editions, 2022 - €18.90

Yoga & Co , 15 quai de la Seine, Paris 19th. 01 42 09 20 78. Mondays at 6.30 p.m.

Klay , 4 bis, rue Saint Sauveur, Paris 2nd. 01 40 26 00 00. Thursdays at 10:30 a.m.

The most intense: Breathwork

For whom: hyperactive people who are bored on the mat and those who find it difficult to switch off.

Where: Chez Slowe , the stylish yoga studio in the 10th arrondissement which is always full, set up by the shocking duo Mathieu Magaud and Etienne Penhouët .

Who ? Sarra Saïdi , sophrologist and hypnotherapist trained by the American pope Susan Oubari , to whom we owe the revival of this hyperventilation technique originally monopolized by the hippies of the 1960s to wean off LSD.

What ? A totally safe and supervised 2-hour monthly workshop to experience breathwork without the Burning Man perched side that can put off.

Concretely: comfortably lying on a carpet in a room lit by LED candles , guided by the hypnotic voice of Sarra, we indulge in a relaxing meditation , then we tame the method crescendo: two large inhales with your mouth open and one exhales through the nose. The goal: to infuse a maximum of oxygen into the brain to bring the mind into a modified state of consciousness. At the climax, carried by the energy of the group, we perform 20 minutes without stopping on a tracklist that rocks (from Beyoncé to David Guetta via Céline Dion , we do not sulk our pleasure). Finally return to calm with deep relaxation with eyes closed to give body and mind time to integrate.

Verdict: An inner journey worthy of a sprint infused with good vibes that infuses for several days. To test.

Workshop 50 €

Slowe , 30 rue d'Enghien Paris 10th. 01 42 46 23 01.

Next sessions: Saturday February 18; Saturday, March 18, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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