The 10 commandments to avoid extra pounds during the holidays

Minceur Fetes

With the confinement, the closed sports clubs, the foodporn sandwiches that you order with all your hands, the truffles, the wine and the foie gras… It was already a little borderline in terms of small beads. But with Christmas coming, it already smacks of + 3 kilos on the scale. How to avoid the broken pots, the indigestion and the very depressing depression of January when we will finally be deconfined? Decryption.


1. Efficient and inexpensive . If there's a time to start intermittent fasting , it's now. The only thing to do: spend 16 hours in a row without eating (night included). The body then triggers glucagon : the fat release hormone. It is magic. We take advantage of teleworking to carry out this easy detox practice by having lunch at the time we want.

2. We get back to sport fissa despite the closing of the rooms ... just not to pick up the broken pieces in January exactly when the restaurants will reopen their doors. For example, by registering for an outdoor sports course with Urban Challenge which provides 1-hour bootcamps with firefighters every day in parks all over Paris (€ 10 per course). You can also download a motivating running app like RunKeeper or quite simply by taking the best gym classes at home . It's never too late to get started.

3. We anticipate ! By pre-ordering for example a small juice cure from December 26 delivered everywhere in France + a hyper-effective detox & slimming nutricosmetics therapy to start as soon as you receive it based on artichokes, ascophyllum and turmeric which combine the appetite suppressant, elimination and detox actions. It puts in the bath not to do “ anything ”.


4. We adopt the 5 holiday dinner tips of Valérie Espinasse , micronutritionist:

- Favor proteins : meat, fish, shellfish and even foie gras

- Minimize or even completely zap starches : pasta, rice, potatoes and no bread

- Give preference to extra-brut champagne which is the least sweet

- Minimize the desserts : better a few bites for the pleasure rather than the whole part

- Favor sparkling water which gives a festive illusion and force yourself to drink a whole glass of water after each glass of wine

5. Take it easy on the portions . Especially if you are the hostess. The idea is to please, not to border on indigestion. By serving, for example, an appetizer before going straight to the main course with exceptional pieces of salmon to peck on peaks and not on toast . Another basic principle: we do not tighten and we eat slowly while chewing, to enjoy.

6. We apply the compensation system and we have fun with light and beauty . Couldn't resist the log? We order the most beautiful seafood platter in Paris in La Lorraine to be enjoyed at length. And we stick there for the main course.

Fan of turkey with chestnuts ? We opt for an extraordinary basket of frosted fruits for dessert with dates, lemons, mangoes and mandarins for dessert signed Fruttini. If you are invited, just skip the aperitif cupcakes and cheese without appearing to be anorexic on duty.

7. We move . If you have the courage for a little jog every day, that's great. Laziness ? Play the “ less is more ” anyway by offering yourself a yoga session on the 24th for lunch, a good 1 hour walk on the quays or a walk in the forest on the 25th in the morning to breathe the good air, go get the bread or the log. All together, it ends up doing, and it puts you in a good mood.


8. We don't stuff leftovers . By dint of not wanting to spoil, it is our body that is rotting from the inside with toxins and fat. What to do with leftover foie gras, Bordier butter and salmon? Freeze or make others happy with the GEEV app.

9 . Friendliness does not necessarily mean “to eat . If you've had a New Year's Eve dinner + a big meal , organize a large table the following evenings around a board game , offering to drink a Bone Broth , the favorite broth of twigs to recover a doll's complexion or watch a movie with a good detox herbal tea that cleane your digestive tract ...

10. We do “ something else ... If we stay in Paris, we take the opportunity to visit the spas and hammams open in Paris during the holidays. We tell ourselves as much nonsense as in front of a bottle of wine, while allowing our digestive tract to take a little break.

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