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Astuce Detox Rentree

That's the back-to-school challenge : capitalizing on vacation rest , good vibes and the quality of your sleep. The method in 5 key steps with the advice of Emilie Kapps , the star naturopath of Parisiennes.

Make a 3-day grape cure

BBQ every night, rosé, ice cream and candy: our summer lifestyle accumulates toxins that lodge in the blood and fat cells. Combined with the stress of back to school, the immune system is imbalanced and covid-friendly. No thanks. In short: a little break is needed to regain the energy of madness that we need at the start of the school year.

In practice. We treat ourselves to a detox after returning from vacation with an organic grape monodiet , it's the season and it's cheaper than cold-pressed juices. The principle: eat only based on this fruit for two to three days (without exceeding 2 kilos per day). Its virtues? Grapes are good, naturally diuretic, detoxifying, packed with tartaric acid which stimulates and cleanses the digestive system. Cumulated in a sauna or a good hammam : your body is clean as a new penny and you have lost a kilogram or two. As long as you stay clean (veggie favoring raw foods + gluten-free and alcohol-free) for at least the following 3 days.

Get a fix of little blue pills every morning

Zinc , selenium , chromium or copper could well become the next dopes that make you see life in pink. Repetition of aperitifs, detox galore, life at 100 miles an hour: we all live “ in deficit ”, responsible for the ailments that “ exhaust ” the body but especially the morale. The proof: 30% of French women lack iron , 20% magnesium , 50% vitamin D but also zinc , calcium or vitamin C ...

In practice. Epycure , a new demented French 2.0 lab, started from this observation to imagine shots of vitamins + plants + minerals 100% natural to swallow in 2 vegan pills, organic and 100% clean every day. A daily gesture which takes 3 seconds flat… but which really changes the situation. Take a hyper-personalized (free) assessment on the site: pollution, level of alcohol ingested per week, hours spent in front of the screens, difficulty digesting, sleep problems, weight to lose. We do not judge: we treat! Depending on your needs: the lab will send you the cure you need to perk up in a month. Let science operate: honestly, things will get a lot better!

€ 29 for a 1-month treatment. All the info on

Perform the body scan when you come home from work

This technique, in the same vein as positive visualization , is borrowed from sophro . The mental scanner, ultra-easy to practice daily, allows you to turn away from your stress and mental overload that have invaded us during the day and pollute the mind at home. In short: the ideal and easy method for those who are reluctant to switch to meditation but really need it.

In practice. You lie down on a bed or in a good bath, closing your eyes and breathing deeply through your stomach. Then we review each member of his body by contracting it first (or by turning it or by small jerks when it is not a muscle) before releasing it effectively. We start from the feet up to the forehead, stopping well with the ankles, legs, knees, thighs, buttocks, back, stomachs, arms, neck, jawbones ...

Get into Reiki

It is the energy therapy that gives the real good energy boost from September. Normal: this treatment of Japanese origin, quite fantastic, releases our " good " energy, stimulates the self-healing process, strengthens the immune system while restarting organic functions. Practiced once a month, it really keeps in shape all year round. No wonder all healthy gurus are crazy about it .

In practice. During the session, we remain dressed and lying down - as for a shiatsu . The practitioner begins by " scanning " the body before placing his hands on the level of the 7 chakras as well as the knees, ankles and feet to circulate the energy by insisting on the areas representing a " hole " or " energy blockage ". The must ? The practice of the “ gong bath ”, the famous quartz crystal bowl to “ purify ” the chakras at the end of the treatment protocol.

1 hour of Reiki: € 60 per session at Emilie Kapps ' office, 28 place Saint-Ferdinand, 75017 Paris. Go to 06 13 70 13 53 and on

Relax with the evening's to-do list

Sort his emails. Manage your overdraft. Think about dry cleaning . Make a report of the meeting of the day before. Cumulate registration for dance / judo / chess + medical certificates for the little ones + chemistry coat for the big one. Queue 9am for the Covid test . Try to keep going to yoga . Go back to the shrink. The list is long… We don't know you, but we are already at the end of the road and we spend the night thinking about everything we won't be able to do tomorrow instead of sleeping.

In practice. Nothing is more effective than writing down your to-do list for the week and the next day in a notebook, in the evening or via the great Todoist app. This makes it possible to put distance and prioritize the different tasks to be accomplished, to set up reminders so as not to forget anything while avoiding the weight of mental overload all evening and night. Once done, we leave our list aside for the next morning and we find the peace of mind to enjoy your evening and especially sleep well without burning all your energy.

Adopt a digital detox in the evening

The observation is there: the abuse of screens is not only devastating for concentration, but blue light also gives you a gray complexion and surfing on social networks has a hyper negative impact on sleep . In short: the telephone and Insta are a bit like cigarettes and rosé, we will have to ease off.

In practice. In the evening, we give ourselves an hour after which your smartphone goes into pause mode, ideally before dinner around 8:30 p.m.! Rather than stalking the stories of his ex or spending 4 hours on Tinder: we make his evening a “ real ” moment, an experience that will satisfy his ego and give the impression of having a second life after work . Like cooking, going to the movies, having a drink to chat “ in real life ” with a friend, reading the masterpieces of the literary season or… reading.

You can also indulge in some meditation exercises or make love : two natural sleeping pills to consume without moderation.

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