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What are the paying and easy reflexes to adopt on a daily basis to eliminate the excess of the holidays and start a really effective detox? The naturopath Émilie Kapps , Claire Nouy, the big boss of Atelier Nubio and Emma Sawko, the founder of Wild and The Moon , give us the right tips to follow urgently.

Basing Dinner for a Beauty Broth

bouillon de collagène naturel

The great product of the season is the " bone broth " we sell. It is a natural collagen broth, a real comforter for digestion and an immunity booster - not to mention its “baby skin” effect due to its richness in collagen , explains Claire at Nubio . Perfect to replace a dinner and find the line and look good the next morning

The nutritional values are crazy - loaded with natural collagen (proteins) and 100% assimilable: 3.6g / 100ml, or 12g per mug of“ bone broth ”⠀ and very low in calories: 24.7 kcal / 100ml” .

Dope with reishi

Reishi mushroom is an adaptogen, its name comes from the Japanese "King of Plants". The Romans regarded it as the food of the gods, the Egyptians as a gift from Osiris, and the Chinese as the elixir of life. In short, “ The ideal remedy after some excess ”, for the founder of Wild and The Moon . “ Just put a pinch of reishi in your tea in the morning to strengthen the body and take care of its immune system.

Fast 16 hours a day

It might sound crazy, but it's as easy as pie. Every day, we take a 4 p.m. break. Concretely: after a good night's sleep and skipping breakfast, practicing intermittent fasting is as formidable as its detox efficiency, as Emilie Kapps , naturopath advises : “ This fast allows the system to rest. digestive, allowing it to regenerate and drain toxins. This practice avoids the clogging of the organs and allows a better functioning. ”Tutto bene. Translation, green tongue and messy complexion in the morning: TERMINADO!

Sip a magic potion

We apply a proven phytotherapic method ! Emilie Kapps ' detox prescription? “ Take a cleansing herbal tea for 3 weeks, at the rate of 2 cups a day without meals.

This mixture of plants in infusion will activate the elimination of toxins via our emunctory organs (liver, intestines and kidneys). These bodies of waste filtration roles of the organism e. Very solicited with the holidays and our various excess fat or sugar (thank you alcohol!), They can work slowly: a herbal cure will wake them up.

Where to find them? In a herbalist's shop such as the Palais Royal's herbalist's shop or in an organic store.

Practice self-massage

To digest our various excesses or to stimulate the digestive system without having to take a pill, there are 2 easy to adopt and very effective actions, according to Emilie Kapps by combining them with an essential oil of ginger associated with a few drops of vegetable oils for energize digestion.


un ventre plat de naiade avec Artichaut, radis noir, hydrolat de thym

Much too acidic for the body, we take a break for a few days by replacing our little black “ with an infusion of tulsi , also called holy basil ,” explains Claire Nouy at Nubio. “ After the holidays, we have to give respite to the body

We can combine it with the cure of 18 shots 100% organic plants " We want ... a flat stomach of a naiad " (a mix of artichoke, black radish, thyme hydrosol) to fluidify digestion and decongest the abdominal area.

Adopt the power bowl for breakfast

We copy all the fit-girls who start the day (breakfast or lunch) with a power bowl , this famous bowl with very little calories , furiously consistent and filled with super energetic foods . “ We can follow the recipe for our super power bowl signed Wild and The Moon, ” says Emma Sawko .

The right recipe . In a blender, put almonds (soaked in water the night before), a banana, half a green apple, a squeeze of lemon, a small teaspoon ofspirulina , a few drops of linseed oil, milk of almond . Mix until you obtain a creamy texture. In topping: a few pieces of fresh apples and walnuts.

Emilie Kapps, naturopath. All the info on www.emiliekapps.com
All the info on Wild and The Moon

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