Detox: the new spring rituals to adopt

Detox Printemps

New labels for nutricosmetics, infused waters, massages, sap treatments: what are the most popular new detox routines for spring? The naturopath Emilie Kapps deciphers all the healthy novelties of the season.

Make a cure of fresh birch sap

5-day fresh birch sap cure

Zoom on: a ritual as old as the world since the Romans! Harvested at the end of February, fresh organic birch sap , to drink as is, is a miraculous seasonal product, used all over the world for medicinal purposes, as in Scandinavia to strengthen its immune system at the exit. winter or in Japan as an essential healthy ritual where we devote a party to it.

Why is it good. “ Thanks to its diuretic and draining properties, birch sap allows the elimination of toxins and thanks to its richness in vitamins, minerals and trace elements, it is remineralizing and regenerating. Doing a birch sap cure in spring will therefore allow a detox, but gently, which does not weaken our body ”, comments Emilie Kapps.

5-day fresh sap treatment (62 €) to order at Atelier Nubio orSève Bouleau

Dope yourself with good virtues chocolate

Nutricosmetics with the Depurativa chocolate

Focus on: the new Italian label Depurativa that everyone is talking about in the nutricosmetics world . His star product? Healthy, vegan treats that combine premium raw cocoa with Ceramosides ™ to plump up collagen or downright the stuffed version of Bacillus Coagulans BC30, a probiotic strain that helps balance our microbiome .

Why is it good. “ To combine spring treatment and pleasure. We can finally reconcile greed, well-being and care thanks to this chocolate enriched with nutrients essential to our inner beauty. At the end of winter, deficiencies may have set in, this chocolate is a real therapeutic and taste 2-in-1. No need to recall the virtues of chocolate which are the best pretext for consuming it…

55 € per box on sale at Belleyme, the first café-sauna in Paris (8 rue Charles François Dupuis, Paris 3rd)

Treat yourself to a Tui Na

Detox massage at the House of Tui Na

Focus on: the detox massage at the Maison du Tui Na , a true temple of holistic Chinese medicine , provided by the gurus of the genre. The goal of this treatment? Boost the meridians of digestion and relieve the feeling of heavy legs.

Why is it good. “ To wake up our body after winter. During this period, the metabolism is slowed down, our body is tense and has accumulated toxins. The detox massage will stimulate the digestive sphere allowing the drainage of toxins, stimulate lymphatic circulation allowing better venous return to better cleanse our body and activate breathing for better oxygenation and elimination of C02, wastewater and volatile acids ”, decrypts the naturopath .

€ 85, 55 min at the Maison du Tui Na , 9 rue Nicolo, Paris 16th , 13 rue Saint-Gilles, Paris 3rd, 32 rue Pergolèse, Paris 16th.

Drink functional waters

Drink Waters with fresh ginger, mate, ginseng acerola, green coffee, organic spirulina.

Zoom on: Drink Waters , the new cool label launched by Kev Adams which advocates the virtues of functional water. Quèsaco? A series of fresh decoctions made from plants, whose promise is to bring all the benefits to boost without calories, particularly Energy based on fresh ginger, mate, acerola ginseng, green coffee, organic spirulina. Their added value? They are sold in deposit in recyclable bottles and available everywhere at Monoprix .

Why is it good. “ To hydrate useful. Thanks to these smart drinks, water-resistant people will no longer have an excuse. At the end of winter, the cold, the accumulation of toxins and the lack of light can generate a feeling of fatigue and weakness. Smart waters will allow you to hydrate while providing the body with essential nutrients to gain energy and well-being . ”

€ 2.90 per bottle in Monoprix

Swallow an adaptogenic cure Hygea

Hygée natural powders with a mixture of schisandra and desmodium traditionally recognized and used to detoxify the body.

Zoom on: the French brand Hygée which brings magic potions up to date with natural powders and adaptogenic plants as in LA DETOX, a mixture of schisandra and desmodium traditionally recognized and used to detoxify the body.

Why it's good: “ To benefit from a tailor-made cure. Adaptogenic plants are on the rise because they respond favorably to the different needs of our body and according to the situations encountered. Everyone has their own therapeutic objective, everyone has their own boost, ”explains Emilie Kapps.

30 € the Hygée pot

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