How to sleep like a baby?

Methodes Naturelles Sommeil

You turn around to fall asleep, eyes wide open until 3 a.m.! Winter gets you down, you're at your wit's end. In short, you are part of the 40% of French people who sleep badly!

Small point on the therapies and natural methods to adopt to relieve tensions , soothe your mind and find restful nights for a beautiful awakening.

What is hypnosis?

Séance d'hypnose

Hypnosis is a cover gentle therapy. It allows access to the unconscious by disconnecting from the mind to free ourselves from our blockages and access our true deep nature, with our full capacities.

For who ?

For those who are on the verge of depression or burnout or who are in particularly stressful periods such as (exams, change of job, divorce…).

How it works ?

First, it is fast and effective therapy . A few sessions are enough to treat the cause of insomnia . It gently plunges you into a state of reverie which allows you to disconnect the mind to access the unconscious.

The first session lasts 1h30. The patient fills out a short questionnaire which will help find the cause of the insomnia . The idea? Define whether the insomnia is related to a deep inner illness or to a one-off / outdoor event, and set up a personalized method .

If the insomnia is linked to a deep illness ( bereavement , separation ...), we will revisit this past event and we will soften its memory in a state of hypnosis, until it becomes neutral and acceptable, by calming the source of anguish.

If insomnia is linked to fears of the future (approaching exam, job interview…), we will work on having self-confidence , on the positive projection of the future .

To reinforce the beneficial effects of hypnosis and train the brain to get used to the good habit of sleeping well , a few quick daily exercises are recommended. For example: for 30 seconds, we inhale and we breathe while formulating loud and clear a positive mantra such as “ I free myself from my anxieties ”.

Result? In four sessions, we detach ourselves from our anxieties, our fears and we find a good sleep.

A big thank you to Clémentine Gatel, hypnotherapist

First session 1h30, 100 €, subsequent sessions 70 €, all the information on

What is acupuncture?

One of the practices of traditional Chinese medicine which consists of introducing very fine needles at specific points on the body.

For who ?

For those who have concealed their fatigue for too long , who have buried it and accumulated it deep in their body and who can no longer get rid of it. Which have, suddenly, the brain that buggy and sends bad information to all parts of the body that can cause serious psychosomatic illnesses .

How it works ?

Dr Tran Dinh Can, an acupuncturist who has been practicing acupuncture for nearly 30 years, does just one acupuncture point on the skull, which is essential to recovering sleep .

The first session, the patient explains the problems for which he comes in order to establish a diagnosis . In return, the doctor explains the fatigue process and the treatment that will follow.

It takes 10 to 20 sessions of 45 minutes with, at the beginning, a rhythm of two per week. The first sessions, as if we were bursting an abscess, will reveal the real fatigue that the patient has overlooked for a long time. They resurface and become noticeable by the patient who will feel very tired at the start of therapy . “ But it is essential to regain balance, ” explains Dr Tran Dinh Can. At the end of the fifth week approximately, the state is more stable, the tiredness completely evacuated. We can space out the sessions and gradually regain balance and sleep.

Result? We find a good restful sleep and a feeling good awakening.

60 € per session. Dr Maurice Tran Dinh Can, 11 passage Doisy, 75017 Paris

Moona, what is it?

Monna améliore le bien-être des personnes souffrant de troubles de sommeil en proposant des solutions naturelles pour réguler la température corporelle

Founded by two former insomniacs, Moona , a French start-up, is developing a smart product that improves the well-being of people with sleep disorders by offering natural solutions to regulate body temperature. A key factor in getting a good night's sleep, falling asleep faster and sleeping soundly.

For who ?

For all those who always tend to get too hot at night , who turn around in all directions to find a little cool. The causes ? Hormonal disturbances, excess alcohol, illnesses ...

How it works ?

With an over-pillow and a connected control box .

We connect to the Moona application , we give the necessary information to define a temperature profile and to have in return a better knowledge on the quality of his sleep. Night after night, Moona will retain sleep habits and adapt to offer a tailor-made experience every night.

Thanks to a thermoregulated over-pillow, Moona acts on the temperature of your pillow. A control box circulates water continuously through the over-pillow to keep it at the chosen temperature. This box contains 3 sensors to monitor the temperature, humidity and light level of the room.

Result? The temperature drops and regulates itself, we fall asleep much faster, sleep is deep and waking up easy.

Moona pillow top, € 399. All the info on

ZenSpire Sleep, what is it?

zenspire sleep promet un endormissement en 10 minutes

A simple method that teaches cardiac coherence with a box with complex technology but incredibly simple for the user, and which promises to fall asleep in 10 minutes.

For who ?

All the anxious, including the children.

How it works ?

A small nomadic box in a semi-sphere, without any WiFi or Bluetooth connection necessary, and which learns to breathe by concentrating 10 minutes on his breathing guided by light and / or vibration fluctuations.

Orange-red: inspiration for 4 seconds through the nose. Violet: expiration 6 seconds through the mouth. We add or not the vibrations that will stimulate many acupuncture points located in the palm of our hand or in the abdomen and the sound for more letting go.

Result? With a calm mind, you fall asleep like a baby in 10 minutes!

ZenSpire Sleep, 59 €, all the info

Also discover the ten commandments for sleeping well and tips for sleeping better .

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