Nutrition: 6 detox reflexes to adopt absolutely in the spring


At the end of winter, toxins have accumulated in excessive quantities and can cause clogging of our organism ”, analyzes naturopath Emilie Kapps . “ We can then see a drop in immunity, loss of energy and weight gain ”, which can cause a stroke of spleen and lower morale in the midst of spring showers.


Normal: “ This change of season particularly upsets our bodies” , reassures Emilie Kapps. “ So now is the perfect time to give him a week-long detox to gently wake him up .” Instructions for a perfect day according to the professional.


Adopt the right reflex when waking up


The natural advice to follow. Drink a glass of warm water on an empty stomach to eliminate the digestive toxins of the day before, cold or hot water being too aggressive. It may seem silly, but it is an essential gesture to reboot and cleanse the body after the night during which the body regenerates.


The good routine: put a gourd of filtered water (or weakly mineralized if you take it in a bottle like Monroucou, Contrex , Volvic , etc.) on your bedside table and drink it directly by turning off your alarm clock before putting your feet on the floor .


Dope yourself with almonds


The natural advice to follow. You have to stock up on good things to face this change of season which is the most violent for the body and the most aggressive of the year. Vitalogenic foods and especially almonds are really the best friends of energy and immunity, while displaying themselves as a very effective appetite regulator which prevents weight gain.


The good routine: use them to pimp your salads or bowls. If you have: mix a handful of almonds with red fruits and a little coconut milk for a gourmet smoothie for breakfast or instead of a snack.


Go on a coffee and tea strike


The natural advice to follow. Reducing your consumption of coffee and black tea is a basic detox reflex. Why ? They are both considered by the body as foods that “ digest ” themselves, which tires the body, puts the body into overdrive and secretes toxins which then stagnate in the fat cells, joints, breasts and breasts. blood. It is totally opposite with the detox system.


The good routine : for addicts, it's hard to do without it! Swap them by drinking green tea, trying deca, chicory , the mushroom coffees that are on the rise or even barley coffee, the famous naturaldeca ” of the Italians.


A birch sap cure


The natural advice to follow. It's seasonal, very fresh and detoxifying, draining and remineralising! Used since the dawn of time in all civilizations, this magic potion harvested from the tree is all good and has wonderful diuretic and depurative properties. It purifies and reboosts at the same time and the taste is neutral. In short: a perfect alternative to food supplements and restrictive cures or undrinkable flavors.


The right routine: treatyourself to the 6-day Memory of the Tree cure at Atelier Nubio (€39) , a botanical elixir that brings together birch totum, sap, buds and leaves in a unique, detoxifying and revitalizing formulation.


Make beautiful salads


The natural advice to follow. Adopt a diet that is as raw and raw as possible to fully benefit from the nutrients present in our plate after winter. Cooking destroys minerals. In order not to lose a gram of vitamins, trace elements and minerals, we bet on beautiful salads made with good foods to eliminate. The weather is nice: go to the market and stock up on fresh organic vegetables and fruits such as artichokes, fresh garlic, fennel, avocado, beets, lemons, cucumbers, kiwis, apples, grapes, almonds... These are foods that promote the drainage of toxins. All you have to do is cut.


The good routine: use celery essential oil (1-2 drops) in vinaigrette or directly on the salad to stimulate the liver and facilitate digestion. The goal is to eliminate as much waste and toxins as possible by activating the liver and intestines and deflating the stomach.


Take a mono-diet break once a week


The natural advice to follow. Practice the mono diet for 24 hours by consuming only broths or apples, grapes or cucumbers to put your digestive system at rest, drain toxins and promote cell renewal. An optimal cure to find a beautiful shape, boost transit, boost cell renewal, find beautiful skin and sleep. In short: a lower cost regulator less heavy than a fast and that our body deserves once a week.


The good routine: if you have an active social life, you adopt it from Sunday after your brunch until Monday evening...

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