How to lose 3 kg forever?


The body positivism, it adheres. Goal ? A bikini body for life, and not just for summer. You are given 3 months to redesign your perfect body and rebalance your entire diet.

Result? Depending on your body type, you will have lost between 3 and 10 kilos.

The method: no magic diet. But tips and advice from pros who have proven their worth, taken from the notebook of naturopath Valérie Espinasse , published by Solar (€ 9.90). Halfway between the vacation notebook and the sustainable slimming manual, this book which mixes advice, to-do list and listing to fill out is the best slimming coach.

We take the basics ...

For a healthy diet , you will need 1,800 to 2,000 calories per day while changing your habits.

  • We use fish, lean meat and vegetables, accompanied by sesame and chia seeds, gomasio, salty soy sauce, onions, garlic and shallots.
  • In small quantities are tolerated: red meat, potatoes, sweet yogurts, rice and bread, mustard and oils.
  • To be avoided: sodas (even light), cookies, industrial candies and sweets, fries, industrial sauces, ketchup, butter and cream, desserts, ice cream and sorbets. Above all: we say stop to palm oil because it promotes fat storage.

We follow real menus

Fruits et légumes, boisson chaude, poisson ou poulet grillé, gaspacho, omelette

Having a program in mind is one of the keys to not breaking down and knowing how to do your shopping or manage your week.

For breakfast

  • If you are more salty : 1 hot drink + 1 slice of black bread with your choice: either 2 avocados and a little olive oil and lemon and a slice of salmon, or sheep's cheese.
  • If you are rather sweet : 1 hot drink + 2 plain soy yogurts + 1 seasonal fruit + 10 almonds.

At lunch time

A salad of grilled vegetables + a fish and seasonal vegetables + a fruit salad. The alternative: an avocado + grilled chicken + 1 compote with no added sugar.


we dine light and without dessert!

1 gazpacho + 1 omelet with seasonal vegetables. The alternative ? 1 avocado + 1 can of tuna + 1 pan-fried seasonal vegetables.

The added bonus? Treat yourself to a square of dark chocolate with an herbal tea before going to bed.

We get into “easy” sport

40 minutes de marche et une application de coaching sportif

The guilt and the feeling of worthlessness are over.

You can exercise a lot more than you think, without ever having to go to an inefficient gym again.

With 40 minutes of brisk walking a day, it is settled ... And it is much more effective than two small sessions of elliptical strummed here and there.

How to do ? We take time on our lunch break to offer a real sporting break around our office, ideally by motivating ourselves with a friend after having had a light lunch. It's good for morale and you have no excuses.

Want to go a little further? We also download a free sports coaching app like Nike Training Club to strengthen your booty and abs at home or in your garden.

The basic rules in the restaurant and in the canteen!

Légumes, viande, mozzarella ou brochette de viande, houmous, taboulé ou sashimis, concombre, algues, thé vert ou crudités

In the Japanese , we focus on sashimi , meat skewers, miso, cucumbers, seaweed and green tea. We skip: rice (never more than ½ bowl), sweet sauces, fried foods and dessert.

At the Italian , OK for the vegetable antipasti and mozzarella (without the focaccia for a sauce, of course), a carpaccio, meat and vegetables. Pizzas, risotto, pasta and tiramisu are obviously: NO!

In the Lebanese of the area , we opt for skewers of meat, hummus and tabbouleh in TV mode. It goes without saying that pita bread, manakiche, sauces and desserts are banned from the evening.

And in the canteen , it's easy. We go to the salad bar to prepare a plate of raw vegetables as a starter with a little oil and vinegar (not the white sauce…) or an egg without the mayo. For the main course: we prefer meat (more filling) with green vegetables. Forget starches and bread. Ideally no dessert, take a fruit that you will take to taste it. If you are really hungry: opt for soy yogurt or white cheese without sugar.

We take its measurements!

Prendre ses mensurations avant le régime

It's not all about weight. It is also necessary to take into account its silhouette. The idea: take your measurements before the diet and then every 15 days. Thus, you will be able to follow your weight loss in centimeters , which is very motivating!

At the level of the belly, the measurement is taken between the navel and the pubis. The size is taken at the thinnest place, above the navel. For the arms: stand 15 cm above the elbow, arms straight. The breast measurement takes place without a bra, at the level of the nipples. Also measure the knees, thighs and hips.

What to do in case of cracking?

Faire une journée végétarienne

Couldn't you help but eat a box of chocolates yesterday? The next day, make a vegetarian day by choosing the following menu:

Breakfast = unlimited fruit + tea. Lunch = 1 large salad made without starch + 1 glass of water with lemon juice. Dinner = 1 green vegetable soup only.

If you have fallen for the salty, the next day, skip all the desserts of the meals.

To avoid food cravings , take rhodiola rosea and vitamin B capsules in the morning, at noon and in the evening.

Alcohol: compulsory rehab!

Limiter l'alcool durant le régime

Sorry, but alcohol = sugar. The first month, we do not tolerate a single drink of alcohol. Never mind. In addition to losing weight, tell yourself that a natural detox will do your liver and your complexion a lot of good.

From the second month, we allow ourselves one drink per week . But not more.

For the end of the diet, let's be crazy: 3 glasses per week and not one more, provided of course that you prefer wine and champagne . Forget about cocktails which are usually way too sweet. Beer makes your stomach swell ...

Livre de Valérie Espinasse, éditions Solar

I lose 3 to 10 kilos in 3 months , Valérie Espinasse, € 9.90

Also discover: these yogas that repair and the 5 infusions to get better .

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