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No longer say cosmetic, but holistic ! They are the new faces of reinvented beauty , of a creative and smart lifestyle and of a slow, healthy and redesigned life. Who are the new wellness gurus? Small listing of French personalities who inspire.

Mélanie Huynh, the benchmark for beauty 2.0

In 2019, Mélanie Huynh (114k followers), ex-star fashion editor of Vogue , launched Holidermie , a label that is revolutionizing the codes of cosmetics with a new generation of products and sticking to the codes of slow life luxury . Since then, it has become the benchmark for beauty 2.0. “ I've always been passionate about wellness and the healthy universe of the tops of the 80s who became great businesswomen… Cindy Crawford 's videos, Christy Turlington 's smoothies … I worked around ten years at Vogue where I rubbed shoulders with the world of beauty, with the greatest experts, make-up artists, naturopaths, sports teachers… At the same time, my best friend, plastic surgeon, prescribed me a lot of food supplements to survive jet-lag. "The observation is clear: the beauty of the skin cannot be reduced to the application of a cream. The philosophy of Holidermie ? An in&out program of super sexy food supplements (candies, drinks, etc.) to nourish the skin of inside, insane anti-oxidation cosmetics made with grapeseed from his Bordeaux wine estate, supported by massages and facial yoga .

How to follow his program? In digital version by answering an online questionnaire which offers a Holidermie prescription with tailor-made creams and food supplements and facial yoga exercises to do every day. In slow life version, very popular retreats at Château Malromé which combine yoga, facial care, anti-inflammatory and vegan nutrition to put its holistic philosophy into practice.

Clotilde Chaumet, the arty-girl of yoga

Fed up in her adolescence with the sporting life of Santa Barbara and the arty vibes of her musician parents, Clotilde Chaumet (44.2k followers) returns to study in Paris. Back at 25 in California, it clicked. She decides to teach yoga , leaves to train in ashtanga in India then in Austria, and at the same time in meditation and sound bowls while becoming a coach for Dynamo . Since its creation in 2015, its concept of Tihhy yoga has been a reference. The Graal ? Seeing his then mentor Rachel Brazil attend one of his classes. “ I adapted a solid base of yoga to very creative inspirations that resemble me. It gives a very physical and challenging vinyasa to surpass yourself, pranayama for breathing , all on a hip hop playlist with a cool community. the idea is to bring strength and mental flexibility with a good dose of energy and great music to enjoy” . She lavishes her ultra-trusted courses in the coolest spots: in New York at Brandier , in the arty world of the Lafayette Anticipations gallery … Latest venue? 35-37 , the new venue opened in the Marais by Dover Street Market in the Marais. The hype, we tell you.

How to follow his program? By following his courses on Tihhy TV (1 week free then €16 per month) or by registering for his masterclasses every Sunday at 35-37 , at 10am (€40 for two hours).

Anaïs Jazmine, the queen of a flat stomach

Belly Sculpting , her method for finding a flat stomach and treating boob sores, is a phenomenon (a book is coming very quickly…). Created by Anaïs Jazmine (61.9 k followers) at the time of confinement for lack of inspiring courses, this ex-photographer converted into coaching is developing a new natural routine that works miracles with 20 minutes to follow each day . “ For me, who is still complexed by my big legs, having developed a discipline that changes women's lives and tames my severe endometriosis, it's a victory! " The concept ? A flat stomach in full consciousness: the perfect fusion between the hypopressive abdominal gym method , the famous stomach vacuum that Californians love and the Pilates method. “ Concretely: we start with a session of about ten minutes of breathing which consists of contorting your belly by sticking your navel to the spine before exercising a wave movement which self- massages and decongests the organs. Then classic but particularly effective Pilates exercises to rework the silhouette and posture. 20 minutes is easy, but on the other hand, you don't skip your practice. It's like brushing your teeth! Every day, every day…

How to follow its precepts? By practicing mandatory 20 minutes of Belly Sculpting. Online course on registration (15 € per month).

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