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It's hard to be more addicted to well-being than the healthy girls of Los Angeles , hyper sharp on the latest technologies capable of improving their lifestyle and their health. Like Jennifer Aniston , ambassador of Vital Proteins dietary supplements , they know that collagen is the key to feeling good in your sneakers. We explain why.

Collagen: the natural secret to staying healthy

Collagen , a miracle protein naturally present in our organism, constitutes 70% of the skin and 30% of the proteins of the body, allowing the cohesion, the elasticity and the regeneration of the tissues. Only, from the age of 25, our body produces less and less of it, which weakens endurance.

A star dietary supplement , Vital Proteins makes it possible to fill this lack of collagen and, by extension, to produce efforts for longer, which makes it the secret tool for improving physical performance . Whether you are a yoga addict , a Crossfit fan or an inveterate runner, bringing an extra dose of collagen to your body helps maintain it by circumventing the effects of age. Did you say magic?

The slimming ally of Californian stars

No wonder, then, that the most bankable stars of the West Coast got into it. If Jennifer Aniston has made it a way of life, the athletic Kourtney Kardashian and the model icon of body-positivism Ashley Graham have also become pro-collagen. By their own admission, their immune system comes out boosted and the quality of their skin significantly improved. And we admit that we would like to look like them...

How it works ?

To pour into your morning smoothie , into a large glass of water when you get out of bed or a steaming tea like in your yogurt / granola snack and even your coffee after lunch, the Vital Proteins powder format is simply ideal and adapts to all the routines of Parisiennes in a hurry. Notice to matcha fans: the Japanese tea formula , a real superfood , is the gourmet option to mix with almond, oat or rice milk for a latte as delicious as Insta-friendly.

It only takes one to two spoons a day to replace the collagen deficiencies which unfortunately are not found in the diet (whatever it is) and act on the skin, bones, joints and muscles. But not only: a real beauty elixir, it also benefits from an anti-aging effect, moisturizes the skin and makes it more elastic, while fortifying nails and hair.

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