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We are never better served than by ourselves! The adage has never been truer with the self - massage bible which deciphers how to relieve your sores instantly. The proof with 7 exercises to relieve muscle pain taken from the Encyclopedia of massage (Flammarion), signed by physiotherapist Jean-Christophe Berlin and osteo Nicolas Bertrand.

I have pain in my lower back

Les positions à adopter pour l'auto-masage du dos

Which area to massage? The lower back or the lumbar vertebrae to be more precise.

How to do ? After settling on your back, take your knees between your hands and then gradually bring them back to your stomach. In this lower back roll-up position, rock to the right and left like a pendulum. Return to the initial position and renew.

What result? The area gradually relaxes. Be careful to protect your back by keeping your knees bent.

I have a slack

Les zones à masser contre le mal du cou

Which area to massage? The jaw joint, or to be more precise, where it hurts when you " grit your teeth ".

How to do ? While opening and closing the mouth, practice small circular, slow and regular sandings with the fingertips on the jaw joint. Then place the thumbs under the lower jaw and apply small pressure, gradually bringing the thumbs forward, under the chin. A little tip: to be sure to stay regular, lean on your elbows.

What result? A feeling of liberation, a sagging of the whole jaw and face.

I'm fed up

Les positions de l'auto-massage à adopter pour soulager le plein de dos

Which area to massage? Trapezius, or the muscles that go from the neck to the shoulder.

How to do ? First mark the zone of maximum tension. With your hand, or a ball (even better!), Exert pressure on the area by varying more or less strongly. Then tilt your head until you feel tension in your neck muscles. Pull the head with one hand while lowering the shoulder on the side of the muscle to be stretched (position to be maintained for 15 seconds). Finish with small rotational movements of the shoulders, forwards then backwards.

What result? The muscle relaxes, the pain subsides, a feeling of heat appears in the neck and shoulders. The tensions, which usually sit there, disappear completely.

I have tennis elbow

Les zone à masser contre le tennis Elbow

Which area to massage? The outer part of the elbow and forearm.

How to do ? Place a massage ball between the most sensitive area of the elbow and a flat surface. Roll the ball by circular sanding maneuvers. Then put the ball on the fleshiest part of the forearm and roll it over the whole muscle body.

What result? The muscular body relaxes, the tensions in the forearm disappear.

Ouch Ouch Ouch, I got my period

Les zones à masser et comment faire l'auto-massage contre les regles douloureuses

Which area to massage? The lower abdomen, at the level of the pubis then upwards to below the breasts.

How to do ? Lie on your back, legs bent, empalm the lower abdomen with your hands. Breathe in deeply while inflating the stomach and pushing down on the hands. Breathe out deeply, bringing your hands towards the diaphragm. Blow for a long time with your mouth open to evacuate as much air as possible. Repeat 4 or 5 times.

What result? We feel decongested, in a combined way at the level of the diaphragm and the small pelvis. The effect of period burn decreases.

My belly is swollen

Les positions à adopter pour l'auto-massage du ventre gonflé

Which area to massage? The whole belly.

How to do ? 1st step to improve digestion: touch the stomach in a circular fashion in the direction of clockwise, that is to say the direction of digestion. Next, squeeze an area on the left side of the navel up and down until you hear a noise from your stomach. 2nd step to fight against fat: knead the belly then contract it to the max by palming it with both hands and pull up all the fat mass. Repeat 3 times. 3rd step to stimulate the abdominals: on the back, hands resting on the knees bent on the stomach, inhale and exhale to the max while pushing on the knees, being careful not to lift the lower back off the ground.

What result? Improved digestion occurs through the relaxation of the abdomen. This exercise fights against unsightly fat and strengthens the abdominal strap while protecting the back. Abuse this sequence to the full, no regrets !

The stress rises

positions pour l'auto-massage contre le stress qui monte

Which area to massage? The diaphragm, or the area just below the breasts.

How to do ? For high rib breathing: place your hands at the level of the highest ribs and breathe in slowly, pushing your ribs back towards your hands, then exhale. For low rib breathing: hands outside the lower ribs, breathe in trying to push the hands as far out as possible, blow while pushing the ribs back with the hands. For abdominal breathing: hands flat on the stomach, inhale while inflating the stomach then blow while pushing the stomach back with the hands. Repeat 4 times each time.

What result? This sequence of movements allows the disappearance of the feeling of oppression and that of not breathing due to stress.

Couverture du Livre Encyclopédie du Massage de Jean-Christophe Berlin et Nicolas Bertrand

Encyclopedia of massage published by Flammarion (€ 24.90)

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