The advice of a naturopath to properly deflate before summer

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A little can is cute. But repeated bloating and stomach aches are already less fun. As for the poles and bags under the eyes as soon as the mercury rises? Equally depressing.

We asked Lisa Nguyen , naturopath involved with associations on health and environment themes, specialized in well-being massage and lymphatic drainage ( Renata Franca method ) to give us some keys to avoid gaining volume.

The best tips for a smooth digestion?

The secret: a balanced diet , rich in organic and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Raw fruits are eaten away from meals to avoid bloating and fermentation. Gluten -free cereals (quinoa, rice, millet, buckwheat) are strongly recommended as well as light proteins (eggs, white meats, fish).

We reduce gluten, spicy foods such as hot peppers, raw garlic, onions, red meats and especially processed foods full of salt. We chew slowly to prevent the stomach from getting tired by doing the job for us to transform large pieces into mini pieces.

The magic anti-puffiness products?

Kefir (drink obtained by fermenting kefir grains in fruit juices), naturally rich in probiotics to nourish our intestinal microbiota . My favorite brand? Kefir and Me : an artisanal production of water kefir associated with superfoods and 100% organic seasonal fruits.

Also think of green clay to drink, also sovereign to fight against bloating and regulate digestive problems, as well as herbal teas of holy basil or verbena leaves , to balance acidity and avoid small bloating.

Good gestures?

Self-massage on the stomach to reduce bloating and flatulence: clockwise (direction of the large colon) with vegetable oil (sweet almond, jojoba, etc.) and two drops of oil essential tarragon or tropical basil .

The breath of fire ( kapalabhati ) taken from yoga: the entire abdominal strap is solicited, the entire digestive system is worked thanks to the internal massage movement linked to inspirations and expirations.

Belly sculpting : I recommend Anais Jazmine 's videos and classes on her Instagram account, with her Belly Sculpting method which combines Pilates and stomach vacuum , abdominal work that is exercised only by breathing.

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The right gestures for light legs?

  • Dry brushing to be done regularly during the week to eliminate toxins and revive circulation.
  • A good Scottish or cold shower to contract the capillaries and boost blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • Peppermint floral water or hydrosol , to be used as a spray on the legs for a guaranteed freshness and light legs effect!
  • Skip salt and processed products, as they promote water retention.
  • Drink at least 1 liter of water per day. A tablespoon of peppermint and basil hydrosol to dilute in a bottle of water will make you drink with pleasure! Dehydration promotes retention and edema , especially in the summer when cocktails and snacks are on duty. These hydrosols also have tonic and digestive properties if they are chosen organic or without preservatives or additives.

The treatment to book for slender legs and refreshed eyes?

Good face and body lymphatic drainage . The role of the lymph is to recover and transport toxins and waste present in the blood. Lymphatic drainage, by reviving the lymph, will quickly evacuate all this waste, reduce edema and bags under the eyes. Discover our selection of the best lymphatic drainages.

The anti-puffiness gesture: apply the Evolve anti-dark circle and anti-puffiness roll-on under the eyes with aloe vera , cucumber and hyaluronic acid , the winning trio to hydrate, plump the eye contour and activate the microcirculation .

Finally, as Lisa Nguyen points out , this advice remains generalist. The best thing is to book a naturopath who will give you a vitality assessment in order to personalize the cures according to your terrain, that is to say all the biological, psychological and energetic parameters that make each person unique.

Thank you for her advice to Lisa Nguyen , naturopath. You can make an appointment with her on 06 46 77 57 53 or directly on her Doctolib page . Find his conferences / corporate workshops on Naturofit .

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