The best spaghetti carbonara in Paris

The best spaghetti carbonara in Paris

No need to mention Denny Imbroisi, the buzzing Italian chef in Paris with his restaurant Ida. Very good news, he has whispered his great recipe for divine spaghetti carbonara!

For 4 persons

Preparation: 5 min

Cooking: 15 min



Bring a big pot of salty water to a boil. Cook the pasta for 12 min.

In a salad bowl, mix 4 egg yolks and a whole egg. Add salt and lots of pepper. Whip for at least 3 min. Slice the guanciale or the pancetta in 16 very thin slices.

Drain the pasta and set aside the cooking water. Place in a pan on low flame, heat for a few moments. Add the whipped eggs and remove from the flame.

Mix well and eventually place back on the burner for a few moments while stirring. The pasta must be creamy and homogenous. If needed, add a little cooking water to the pasta.

With a pincher or a big fork, create a pasta nest in a small bowl or a cup. Place this nest in a hollow plate. At the center, add an egg yolk.

Aslo add the guanciale and the grated grana padano. Pepper generously and serve.

© Guillaume Czerw

L'Italie de Denny Imbroisi - Un italien à Paris, Editions Alain Ducasse, 20 €

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Where to find it?

IDA par Denny Imbroisi

117, rue de Vaugirard

75015 Paris

01 56 58 00 02

Duroc Duroc

Montparnasse-bienvenue Montparnasse-bienvenue

Falguiã‚âre Falguiã‚âre


320 g of spaghettoni or vermicelli (Setaro®, Benedetto-Cavalieri®, Martelli®)

9 eggs

100 g of guanciale (pig cheek) or pancetta (pork belly)

80 g of grated Grana Padano râpé



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