A cool and literary rendezvous

Un Rendez Vous Cool Et Litteraire

Save the date: Thursday 19 September 6h30pm for a really entertaining low key literary venue in a terrific concept store to buy, get a personalized dedication of our heart throb novel for the new season, and have a drink with the author, Marie-Lorna Vaconsin.

Le Monde des Possibles, is the first book of this very promising young writer who has also just opened Blueberry , one of the darling cantinas of the DO IT TEAM

The pitch? A Parisienne just out of high school suddenly  becomes a Hollywood actress with as background the Cannes film festival, made in L.A. drugs and sequins. But her love life is going to play tricks on her....

Signature at 6:30pm

Le Monde des possibles, Marie-Lorna Vaconsin

Fasciné, 186 p., 11,99 euros.

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