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Expo Nicolas Hugo Appartement

Nestled in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, a gallery quite unlike any other opened its doors last October.

At barely 23 year old, Nicolas Hugo has a stroke of genius. Passionate about art, he transformed his Parisian flat in an arty gallery where he shows works that he finds in keeping with his inspirations and his whims.

What? Yes, Nicolas, is the original whiz kid, the genius of the unexpected… He opens his doors on Saturday 13 April for  the« MA CHE BELLA » exhibition on the theme of the Mediterranean sea.

His artistic finds: Francesco Procida, an artist discovered by Mathieu Morano, who collaborates with our gallery owner, Theo Haggai aka as the « scribbling» artist, Massimo Vitali the concerned photographer.

Imagine girls in bikinis, the warmth of the South, beaches filled with holiday goers, the exhibition « MA CHE BELLA » is a little bit of all that, a great place to go as soon as possible since it only lasts until May 13.

The insider story ? A trans-generational talent because Nicolas Hugo is no other than the direct descendent  of Victor Hugo…  We love it!

Vernissage : Friday 12 April

4, Rue des Prêtres Saint-Séverin  75005 Paris

Expo : Saturday 13 April until 13 May

60, Rue Monsieur le Prince 75006 PARIS


Photo credits: Théo Haggai - "Untitled (Man and Woman)" 2013 - Courtesy Galerie Nicolas Hugo

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