An exhibition of very high-tech paintings !

In this digital era where all the artists use touch-up software and are assisted by computers, Hervé Fischer has chosen to go back to painting. However it’s not to paint still-lives, this French artist-philosopher, who lives in Canada, represents the current world.

His work criticizes with humor and derision our society. Little Red Riding Hood is not longer afraid of the Big Bad Wolf coming straight out of video films, butterflies are genetically modified, bar codes on tags are demultiplied, all this with ultra Bright pigments that recall the saturated colors of cathodic tubes.

Thirty of the most recent canvases are to be urgently discovered at the ECI gallery.

Tops : autoportraits in QR code, geekettes will love it!

Les couleurs du marchand de glaces, le fauvisme digital

Hervé Fischer

Until 30 June 2013

Free entrance

Where to find it ?

Galerie ECI

32, avenue Matignon

75008 Paris

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