5/2: the new fav diet

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Heads up for all those who dream of loosing a few centimeters and getting rid of their extra tummy flab: we have a diet for you that (almost) produces miracles and truly avoids pain. Code name? The 5/2.

Explanations: 5 days a week, you lead a normal life. Without any excess. But 2 days in a row per week, you « fast » by intaking only 500 calories per day. An on and off fast that allows you to lose weight that stays off.

Is it dangerous? Absolutely not, on the contrary, it allows you to detoxify your system and feel in better shape. With this method, you can easily lose 4 kilos in one month.

The good news is that Delphine de Montalier, who highlighted this Anglo-Saxon diet with her book “5/2 à la française”, has just opened a dedicated boutique-cantina-workshop where she sells really delicious and rather fulfilling dishes to hang in there without suffering too much.

The idea: picking up two meals of 250 kcal each for one day. Our favorite? The veggie chili, veggie curry and a super tasty minestrone.

We like: the possibility of having our meals delivered!


© Manuel Roustan

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