All green smoothie

Smoothie Tout Vert

No need to ruin in organic bars in the capital since the queens juice now, it's us. Here is a delicious recipe to a favorite mixer for impatient Epicurean: a deliciously light green smoothie.

Temps for preparation: 20 minutes

Temps for cooking: 3 minutes

Number of person : 4

To start:

Peel and thinly mince the onions.

Wash, drain and slice the lettuce.

Chisel the mint.


In a pot, boil ½ liter of water with heavy salt and the liquid cream.

Add the lettuce, peas and onions.

Cook on a high flame for 3 minutes.

Mix all together with a blender.

Once the smoothie is nice and smooth, add the fresh mint.

Blend once more and pour in a container.

Place the container in frozen water to freshen up the smoothie quickly.

Serve nice and cold.

Tip from the  Chef :

You can make this smoothie with over green vegetables (asparagus, green beans…).


Also discover the no lactose smoothie with goat milk and banana and the yellow kiwi smoothie by Lisa Gachet.

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Ingredients :

-300 g of frozen peas

-6 green lettuce leaves

-2 new onions

-25 cl of liquid cream

-10 leaves of fresh mint

-1 pinch of heavy salt

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