Headaches, yeast infection: 7 alternatives to medication

Alternatives Medicaments

The French are the champions for abusing drugs . With the key to completely counterproductive effects which dezincine the body , the immune system and pollute the liver .

How to stop the drug reflex ? We follow the good gestures to adopt of the naturopath and journalist Isabelle Doumenc taken from her excellent manual The drug reflex, it's over! published by Jouvence.

I chain mycoses

Arrêter le sucre, gel d'aloe vera, tampons probiotiques

The right actions to adopt immediately

  • Stop sugar , excess cereals and blue cheese which feeds on Candida , the yeast that causes fungal infection.
  • Take endhometrol- type calendula eggs in the evening before going to bed.
  • In case of itching: apply aloe vera gel .
  • When you have your period: use buffers to Saforelle probiotics .

The long-term reflex

We use essential oils to clean the field! Concretely: take a cure of 6 Bowell Remove Biophénix capsules per day for a week. The following month, resume a basic treatment with 2 capsules for lunch and dinner every Monday and Tuesday for 3 months.

Hell: I sleep really badly

Bain relaxant, pas de sucre, huiles essentielles

The right actions to adopt immediately

  • Take a relaxing bath (or a foot bath) with 2 or 3 drops of lavender essential oils .
  • We avoid sugar in the evening: not only is it bad for the figure , but above all it excites !
  • Use essential oils . A few drops of sweet orange on the pillow 10 minutes before going to bed. 2 drops of kaffir lime, a sedative effective natural mixed to 2 drops of sweet almond oil massage on the plexus putting himself to bed

The long-term reflex

  • We take vitamin C before going to bed. Contrary to prejudices, not only does it not prevent sleep, but in addition, it rebalances the level of cortisol which helps soothe stress and underlying anxiety . We also dope with Valerian , which improves deep sleep after about 2 weeks, and we put on Escholtzia .

I have a sleeve during my period

Gélules de Mélisse, massage tonique du ventre, huiles essentielles

The right actions to adopt immediately

  • We replace the Spasfon reflex with the lemon balm reflex ! During menstruation, we take 2 to 3 capsules per day of Lemon Balm Licorice LPEV depending on the pain.
  • Winning combo: do a tonic belly massage 2-3 times a day with essential oil of shell marjoram and tropical basil , then put a hot hot water bottle on the belly.

The long-term reflex

First, find a contraception that matches your metabolism , because the wrong pill can disrupt your hormonal system and make your pain worse .

Then, because the stomach ache during the rules is linked to the general condition, we pamper our liver by doing a cure of Boldo in capsules .

I have a headache all the time

Massage tempes, yeux et lobes, gimgembre cru, stimuler la circulation sanguine

The right actions to adopt

  • Massage the temples , eyes and lobes with essential oil of peppermint , which causes almost instant soothing .
  • Crunch in raw ginger or swallow a few drops of ginger essential oil, to tone digestion .
  • One causes a great heat-cold in his body to stimulate the blood circulation . Specifically: a hot foot bath and a cold washcloth on the skull.

The long-term reflex

We avoid eating foods that promote migraines: the eggs are and citrus (hearing: the orange juice that sticks a lot of live skull), high-fat products, fermented products like cheese, and especially the White wine. Finally, we do a magnesium cure , because many migraine sufferers lack it.

Atchoum: my hay fever has started

Gélules de Quercétine Sofibio, huiles essentielles

The right actions to adopt immediately

  • Cleanse your nose as a priority with marine serum .
  • Take 2 capsules per day of Quercetin Sofibio (found naturally in onions…) associated with taking a Nergeflore ALR probiotic for 2 months to limit long-term seizures.
  • We put on the most powerful natural anti-allergic: 6 drops of essential oil of tarragon 2 times a day in a spoon of honey.

The long-term reflex

Blackcurrant in bud. It has interesting anti-inflammatory properties for allergic rhinitis. The dosage: 10 drops per day between January and April.

Hearing: I am constipated

Boire de l'eau, tremper des pruneaux, surélever les pieds

The right actions to adopt immediately

  • Drink lots of water , as constipation is linked to poor lubrication of your intestines.
  • Soak 3-4 prunes , armored with fibers, in a glass of water in the evening, which you take when you wake up while also drinking water.
  • Your allied foods: artichoke and black radish , which stimulate the secretion of bile.
  • When you go to the bathroom, raise your feet on a 20 cm stool to crouch (a bit like animals, in fact…). You will see, that changes everything.

The long-term reflex

Sport. The best ally of constipation is a sedentary lifestyle ... The ideal: do a cardio sport twice a week (swimming, cycling, jogging, indoor sport) and walk at least 20 minutes a day, skipping the last two metro stations before arriving at work for example.

I'm really depressed

Cure de Millepertuis, Mucuna, Griffonia, Rhodiole

The right actions to adopt immediately

  • Particularly effective in cases of slight depression or slack, we put on a cure of St. John 's Wort , a natural antidepressant that strengthens the action of serotonin and dopamine.
  • If you feel irritable at night with cravings for sugar and have trouble going to bed: combine St. John's Wort to 2 Griffonia capsules morning and evening for at least 1 month to see the effects.
  • In case of severe depressive fatigue in the morning , combine St. John's Wort at Mucuna (2 capsules morning, noon and evening) which is a dopamine precursor + 10 ml of Phytostandard rhodiola .

The long-term reflex

Mindfulness meditation, acclaimed by psychiatrists and psychologists to learn how to manage your anxieties ... All the information on www.mbsr-paris.fr .

The drug reflex is over!

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