Bella Jones: the boho chic wardrobe of Parisiennes


With its resolutely effortless style, trendy cuts with Bohemian accents, high quality refined materials, the Bella Jones look features a “je ne sais quoi” style that really appeals to Parisiennes. Good news, the label, founded in 2006 by stylist Sylvie Sonsino, is now showcasing its boho universe in an intimate setting at the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

A wildly cozy natural space, structured with beams, old stones and brick walls, in order to enhance the DNA of the brand: chill, elegant, no complex, and timeless.

As with each collection, knitwear is omnipresent this season featuring the indispensable pullover in virgin wool with mitten sleeves, heritage of the grunge current and the Curt Cobain years (€155), just like the tie and dye blue pullover (€169).

Cool also, the fluffy sailor waistcoat (€175) and the cute silk caraco top to slip underneath (€109). Other strong pieces: the man’s shirt with feminine details (€129), 7/8 perfectly cut pants and seventies prints that appear on tops or knee-length skirts. This should definitely ensure an original allure without overdoing it. So there.

We also like: the accessories. Totes, scarves and stoles to finalize the silhouette.

bella jones boutique

Open from 11 am to 7pm.

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Where to find it?

Bella Jones

14, rue Jacob

75006 Paris

09 83 22 39 85

Mabillon Mabillon

Saint-germain Des Pres Saint-germain Des Pres

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