Bikini operation in 6 minutes flat

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In less than two months it will be time for the beach, palm trees and entire days spent showing off your pretty legs and tummies, so better start the « zero flab » operation.

Need a little extra help? No panic, we have found the perfect toy that gets rid of flab and smoothes skin. All that in only 6 minutes per day in your home sweet home—it does not get much better than that!

Its name? Wellbox, a concentrate of state-of-the-art technologies in a design box created by the teams of LPG Systems, already at the origin of the cult Cellu M6.

Based on the principle of cellular stimulation, this small high-tech jewel destocks all the fat it encounters, including the most tenacious, victory!

Tip top, this machine adapts to each body zone thanks to interchangeable heads: tummy, hips, fanny, thighs, knees, arms… Soon you will have an ultra fit silhouette.

We adore: a super efficient piece of machinery, super easy to use, to be pulled out three times a week (6 minutes per jour), for a long-lasting effect.

Good news, Do it girls can take advantage of an advance Mother’s Day offer, that is to say a 200€ discount and a Swarovski bracelet that comes with the purchase of Wellbox thanks to the DIP 2015 code. The offer is valid on the site or on stand N°B002 Hall 5.1 at the Foire de Paris.

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