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Buddah Bowl

Heads up: phenomenon ! The Buddha Bowl is the new bowl all the Los Angeles sirens are wild about. Normal : it's veggie, healthy, energetic, furiously comfort food, ultra satisfying, with chips and chickpeas, all for only 500 kcalories. Enjoy!....

Preparation time : 45 minutes, oven baking time : 50 minutes


1. Dip the chick peas all night long in cold water.

2. Then cook them on a low flame in the same water. Remove from the fire, add a tablespoon of salt and allow to infuse for at least 10 minutes. Then drain the chickpeas. Peel the onions, cut up in small dice-size pieces and pan fry the chick peas in olive oil. Season with Baharat and salt.

3. For the chips, preheat the oven to 100 °C in fan setting and cover a cooking plaque with sulfurized paper. Mix in one or two tablespoons of olive oil, peanut butter, pimento of Espelette, a little bit of salt, and add the frizzy cabbage leaves. Place them one next to the other on the cooking plaque and dry for about 20 minutes in the oven, at mid-height. At half cooking time, turn over the chips on the plaque. Take them out allow to cool down.

4. Preheat the oven in natural setting to 200 °C (190 °C for fan setting) and cover a plaque with sulfurized paper. Peel the squash if necessary and cut it into small pieces. Season the vegetables with salt, sugar and a dash of olive oil, sprinkle 20 ml of orange juice, then cook for about 30 minutes in the over.

5. For the sauce, mix the rest of the orange juice with the vinegar and a little bit of salt, and the oils and season with salt and brown sugar.

6. For the salad, wash the frizzy cabbage leaves and drain. Unfreeze the blueberries. Grill the pumpkin seeds in a pan without any fat. Cut up the Tempeh in small pieces. Mix all the ingredients and season with the watercress

7. Place all the ingredients in not too deep bowls, pour the sauce over them and garnish with pumpkin and pomegranate seeds.


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Ingredients for 4 portions:

125 g of dry check peas


80 g or red onion

Olive oil

Baharat or Ras-el-Hanout

For the chips:

20 g of creamy peanut butter

1/4 teaspoon of Espelette pimento

100 g of frizzy cabbage (big leaves)

500 g of pumpkin, or squash

10 g of brown sugar

50 ml of orange juice

For the salads:

160 g of wild blueberries from Canada (frozen)

20 g of pumpkin seeds

120 g of Tempeh, or tofu

20 g of pomegranate seeds

2 bunches of lemon watercress (or regular watercress)

For the sauce:

20 ml of pomegrenate vinegar (or cider/blackcurrent vinegar)

40 ml of grape seed oil

20 ml of pumpkin seed oil

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