Chili is the new burger


3 good reasons to adopt this 100% foodporn dish...

Chili, has the good taste of a burger, the smell of a burger, without gluten and with added pleasure: super digest, filled with vitamin B9 thanks to the beans that all the naturopaths highly recommend.

- It’s the ideal dish to impress a large table of buddies, big eaters and gluten-free twigs included. You place the pot directly on the table. It’s comforting, family style, trendy and even better, you find all the right ingredients finger in the nose at Monop’.

It takes 6 minutes to prepare. And 7 minutes to cook in no fail mode with Cookeo Connect by Moulinex, the magic machine of speedy Parisiennes who want to Parisiennes be great hostesses. Just what you need without having to spend your entire Saturday afternoon in the kitchen.


Pour the oil in the vat.

Pan fry the onion in the oil.

Place all the other ingredients in the vat (except the cheese).

Serve in a nice dish or a big cast iron pot and grate cheddar on the chili still steaming hot for the comfort-food touch.

cookeo de moulinex

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Ingredients for 4 persons

1 Cookeo Connect multi-purpose cooker by Moulinex all the information on Cookeo

800 g. of chopped beef meat

good cheddar cheese

2 tablespoons of powdered cumin

400 g of cooked red beans35 cl of tomato juice

200 g of minced onions

0.5 teaspoons of powdered chili

1 tablespoon of vegetal oil

1 small box of drained corn niblets

Salt and pepper

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