Granola of French strawberries and chocolate

Granola De Fraise Frenchy Et Chocolat Photo

Hooray for made in France strawberries especially when it’s Noémie from Top Chef who concocts a house granola with juicy Charlottes. Now just take over!

For 4 persons

Temps of preparation: 30 minutes

For the preparation of he macerated Charlotte strawberries, start by cutting the Charlottes in 4, sprinkle them with brown sugar, remove the seeds from the vanilla pod previously cut in 2. Thinly zest the 1/2 green lemon and add the Charlottes.

Crush the pistachio nuts, put them in the preparation, then mix with a spoon.

Place in the icebox covered with plastic film.

For the preparation of the orange blossom cream, beat the liquid cream into Chantilly, add the glazed sugar glace, the seeded ½ vanilla pod and the orange blossom extract. Zest the lemons and put them in the cream.

Place the preparation in a pastry bag fitted with a fluted tip.

For the preparation of the chocolate crumble, melt the two chocolates using a double boiler bain-marie and in the same salad bowl mix them together well.

Crush the palets bretons biscuits with the crêpes dentelle.

Once the chocolate is melted, pour it on the biscuits and wrap with the help of a spoon.

Dispose the crumble on a sheet of sulfurized paper, make sure it’s aired out not piled up.

Allow to sit in the icebox or in the freezer if you are impatient until the chocolate hardens.

For the presentation, put the crispy crumble in a verrine, glass, then add the macerated strawberries. Finalized by adding the Chantilly with orange blossom.

by Noémie Honiat

© J-C Amiel / M. Leteuré / Fraise de France


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For macerated Charlotte strawberries:

• 200g of Charlottes

• 10g of brown sugar

• 1 /2 green lemon

• 1 /2 vanilla pod

• 20 pistachio nuts

For the orange blossom cream:

•200g of liquid cream (35 % fat)

• 15g glazed sugar

• 1 /2 vanilla pod

• 1cl of orange blossom extract

• ½ green lemon

• ½ yellow lemon

For the chocolate crumble:

• 4 crêpes dentelles biscuits

• 4 palets bretons biscuits

• 100g white chocolate

• 100g milk chocolate

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