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They do not (for the moment) have their appointed one-woman-show , they do not follow the scenes of comedy clubs and have not pumped everything to their elders. And yet, these three personalities make us die of laughter. Spotted on Instagram , Marie Papillon , Lison Daniel and Philippine Delaire connect the characters in short videos, each more twisting than the next, and stand out like rays of sun to soften these long confined days. Zoom in on these three comedians who do us good.

Marie Papillon

Sketch de Marie Papillon sur son compte instagram

Who is it? We've only been talking about her since the singer Angèle formalized their relationship . Totally addicted to the social network, Marie Papillon , it is this Instagram box with 310k subscribers that draws the videos faster than its shadow. Fresh and frankly gifted, the young woman celebrates an absurd humor, often naive and always benevolent.

Why is this funny? Because it feels good that such a pretty woman never takes herself seriously by systematically plunging into ridicule. In addition to making up, imitating sexy girls (the influence of queen Celeste Barber is not far away), dubbing political broadcasts or imitating all kinds of objects, it bursts into Marie's brain. Butterfly : whatever comes to mind will have to be said. Special mention for a certain form of feminist commitment whose messages come back regularly, like when she answers Alain Finkielkraut distracted by young girls in crop tops. In short, the girlfriend with whom we would dream of spending an evening laughing and cutting suits.

Our favorite videos: it's hard to choose between the periwinkle cosplay , the life-like transformation of his dog Bibi into a panpipe , the four-handed makeup lesson or the recent parody of Jeanne Damas . But don't miss her top stories including “ Paréidolie ” where she brings objects to life that make her think of faces, the subject we are told of a future writing series ...


Lison Daniel

Sketch sur le compte instagram de Lison Daniel

Who is it? Screenwriter and actress, Lison Daniel is a chameleon. Her thing? Embody on his Instagram account Characters all kinds of recognizable characters thanks to carefully chosen Insta filters , which amplify his game and his expressions. If the original Marseillaise has been publishing videos for three years, it was during confinement that her notoriety exploded, in particular thanks to her character of the bourgeois Isabelle, annoyed at having had to open her country house without help. of his handy wife and to meet face to face with her husband. Deserved success: his characters are followed by 226k subscribers.

Why is this funny? Lison Daniel is undoubtedly an observer. The one who admits to sneaking in to all the conversations around her is clearly inspired by the real characters who mingle happily to form society. In addition to perfectly targeting the manners and language tics of the different trades, the actress necessarily invites us to recognize people around us. Truer than nature !

Our favorite videos: obviously, we enjoy the Marseillais Julien who makes fun of Parisians and Mélanie la cagole (and we feel that the actress grew up in Marseille, we believe it), Franck the organic wine merchant (cult), Christelle the 'beautician, Jérôme the sports coach (brilliant) or even poor Séverine who is banging all the birch while her colleagues are confined to the edge of the swimming pool.


Philippine Delaire

Sketch sur le compte instagram de Philippine Delaire

Who is it? Originally from Bordeaux, Philippine Delaire first turned to psychology studies (like, like) before enrolling in Florent courses , improvisation option. But not easy to find a place among the slew of young actresses who come out every year. Suddenly, the bubbly blonde makes her Insta account a real CV and shows through her videos the extent of her palette. Result? A few small roles in the cinema, 14.6k subscribers on the counter and soon a single-on-stage, Télédrama , as soon as the health situation allows.

Why is this funny? We laugh because Philippine manages to totally exaggerate the truth while remaining credible. Like a mime and with very few props, she manages to juggle two personalities to generate several distinct characters in one video. Lunar conversations, personalities disconnected from reality as we all know, catastrophic vacations… It seems that the actress has gone to draw outrageously embarrassing moments from our lives to stage them.

Our favorite videos: mothers competing at the end of school, Nat the unbearable Parisienne on vacation in the mountains or confined to the edge of her swimming pool , discovering the bike in town , the book dealer or even colleagues chatting magnetizer while whispering. The height of self-mockery: the stories on the front page of the making of, in which Philippine is constantly yelled at by her co-author at the slightest stutter.


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