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Containment requires, sales of board games have literally exploded since last year. According to NPD Group, it even sells for almost a box of games every second in France ...

A real phenomenon that is no longer at all out of date, the trays, maps and surveys are so popular that distributors have developed totally addictive nuggets to ensure long evenings under curfew. It remains to bring together your team: as a duo, with your family or with friends.


For who ? Those in need of escape games .

The pitch? Bank robbery, breaking at the opening, funfair: three games for three levels. The publisher Dujardin launches Trapped , insane escape games on the same principle as a classic indoor game (limited time, stylish scenario, master of the game…), minus the decor.

Why is it a hit? Escape room rooms keep doors closed, but that's not what will stop addicts to this anti-claustro game which is asserting a real trend. Ideally played from 4 people, Trapped is all about immersion with the same material: booklet, clues, puzzles with posters and cards, stickers ...

Trapped (Dujardin), € 20 at La Grande Récré , available in click & collect in the shops of Poissonnière, Passy, Beaugrenelle and Porte des Lilas

Mice & Mystics

For who ? The tribes adepts of the universe of Merlin the Enchanter .

Lepitch? In a medieval fantasy world , you have become a little mouse! Beware of the enemies who also live there: rats, spiders but especially the castle cat could well prevent you from carrying out your mission: recover precious objects and fight creatures to get rid of a wicked witch.

Why is it a hit? This role-playing and adventure game on board takes up the mechanics of the characters with humanized mice equipped with armor but evolving in a world on their own scale. Sublime illustrations, really well-written stories and rich adventures make Mice & Mystics a safe bet to play with the family for two hours (from 10 years old).

Mice & Mystics (Filosofia), 54,90 € en click & collect chez Starplayer

The Voting Game

For who ? Those who dream of a gossips party with friends.

The pitch? Each turn, a player draws a card and asks the listed question aloud to the assembly. Who would defend you in a fight even if you provoked it? Who should have their own reality show ? Who doesn't wear underwear around the table (prove it)? Who always pees in the pool? The challenge: find out who voted for you and which person around the table knows you best.

Why is it a hit? It is THE phenomenon game in the United States. Perfect for recalling crisp dramas and anecdotes, The Voting Game will make you open your eyes to your best friends, halfway between a good old truth or truth and Les Z'amours de l'Amitié. And you, are you up to date on your BFF's gossip?

The Voting Game (Cartamundi), 27,99 €


For who ? The dingoes of ancient Egypt and historical anecdotes.

The pitch? In the 19th century, an investigation in Egypt took the players on board. alongside Champollion around the notes taken in his travel diary. Later, it will be necessary to discover an incredible temple with the Egyptologist Auguste Mariette , then to decipher the hieroglyphs with Charles Blanc . We bet you're going to travel?

Why is it a hit? Ultra- addicting , HistoQuest is an investigation without screen or stage that can be played in pairs or solo with riddles, clues and messages to decode, puzzles to reconstruct, sublime illustrations ... Enough to occupy a good evening of confinement in learning lots of historical anecdotes. Top: the difficulties are adaptable according to the level thanks to clues to be opened… or not!

HistoQuest Survey in Egypt , € 19.90 per game

Weird Bazaar

For who ? Nostalgic for Jungle Speed and Dobble .

The pitch? On the table, real small objects and cards to put down. Except that these cards don't always have the right color to match the items. The armchair is red and the bottle is green, but the card represents two objects and it's not always the right one, but you have to be the fastest to catch the right object! Did you say puzzle?

Why is it a hit? It's the speed game that will make you hysterical. For the whole family, Bizarre Bazaar takes up the codes that were already torturing your brain at high speed during the games of Dobble and Jungle Speed between cousins, and promises to bring the whole family together around a good deal of laughter.

Bazar Bizarre (Gigamic), € 18 at La Grande Récré , available in click & collect in the shops of Poissonnière, Passy, Beaugrenelle and Porte des Lilas


For who ? Future professors Raoult and others Jack Bauer.

The pitch? Four diseases threaten the planet. In the shoes of an elite scientist from a research station, your goal is to find a remedy and strategies to limit the spread of these diseases in the world, in particular… the establishment of confinements. Does that remind you of something?

Why is it a hit? Launched before the Covid era, the Pandemic board game is a hit after adults well involved in the news. The varying difficulty, the planisphere, the strategies to be implemented make it a strategy game worthy of the best disaster series.

Pandémie (Asmodée), 44 € at La Grande Récré , available in click & collect in the shops of Poissonnière, Passy, Beaugrenelle and Porte des Lilas


For who ? Those who want to test everything.

The principle ? Dust off the board game trunk and move on to something other than Monopoly and Scrabble . Ludum proposes to send each quarter the cream of contemporary games among 1000 references ideal for everyone, from aperitifs in groups to family game evenings for investigators and strategists or those who prefer to have fun without the fuss.

Why is it a hit? Passionate about games, the two founders Fabien and Vincent had this brilliant idea which allows you to subscribe or subscribe to personalized surprise boxes to regularly discover cool news. The research work is premade thanks to the team of geeks who got down to testing everything upstream to keep only the pearl. Top: Ludum chooses to promote French creations. Cock-a-doodle Doo !

Ludum , box from € 27.99 quarterly

Thank you to game expert Jean Claude Boungnavong, buyer at La Grande Récré as well as to the Starplayer boutique sales team , the ultimate reference in the Latin Quarter, for sharing their great selections with us.

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