The chic happy hour of Eric Frechon

How to upscale our happy hours? The answer lies in the terrific new book by Eric Frechon, « Apéros », published by SOLAR. For the occasion,  the great 3 star chef of the Bristol has shared with us one of his darling recipes to boost our little dinners: small salty sable cookies. yummy

Salty sable cookies with parmesan, goat cheese and veggies


Preparation time: 45 minutes

Cooking time: 20 minutes

Number of persons : 4


Preparation :

-          Preheat the oven to 160°.

-          Break two eggs and keep in a bowl one whole egg and the extra egg yolk.

-          Slightly break up the nuts and pistachios.

-          Keep the butter at room temperature so that it is soft.

-          Using a fork, mash the goat cheese then pour the olive oil in order to obtain a smooth paste.

-          Peel and wash the asparagus and carrot then carve them very finely raw lengthwise with the help of a mandoline.

-          Thinly chop the radishes and olives.

-          Leaf the basil.

-          In a salad bowl, pour the almond powder, the grated parmesan, the flour and add the creamy butter. Mix well.

-          Add the whole egg and the yolk, the salt, nutmeg, pepper and Espelette pimento.

-          Finally, incorporate the crushed nuts and pistachios, then mix until homogenous.

-          Next step, spread the paste in a rectangular way with  1 cm thickness on sulfurized paper.

-          Cool off.

-          Once the paste is nice and firm, cut with a cookie cutter 5 cm circles.

-          On the cold over grid, place the cookies next to each other leaving some space.

-          Bake and cook for 20 minutes.

-          Once cooked and cooled down, place on each cookie a circle of goat cream and spike the raw veggies and the basil in the goat cheese.

-          When you are about the serve, pour a drop of olive oil on each sablé cookie and sprinkle with mignonette pepper.


Tip from the Chef : If you are in a hurry, you can make the preparation of the actual  sablé paste using a blender with a  palette


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Ingredients :

-          40 g of almond powder

-          50 g of grated parmesan

-          90 g of flour

-          80 g or butter

-          1 egg yolk

-          1 whole egg

-          15 g of whole pistachios

-          15 g of whole nuts

-          1 pinch of salt

-          1 grated nutmeg

-          1 turn of the Pepper mill

-          1 pimento of Espelette

-          100g of fresh goat cheese

-          1 dash of olive oil

-          1 asparagus

-          2 radish

-          2 leaf stalk carrots

-          5 olives

-          1 twig of basil

-          Mignonette pepper

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