How to become a business woman without moving from her sofa?

Mon Petit Placement

Does Kim Kardashian's career as a business woman inspire you? You don't have to be born with the millions of dads to have a great career in investing. Notice to all finance dummies who think that money is reserved for the rich and for whom the livret A is the height of the good plan.

The Lyon fintech Mon Petit Placement breaks the codes of the good old wool socks and democratizes investment for young workers. The goal ? Grow your dormant savings. All you have to do is have a minimum of € 300 set aside. The rest, we explain it to you.

Maximizing returns, an accessible art

As much as the French know about pâté en croûte and pétanque, it's a curtain when it comes to talking about finance . Too technical, too Wall Street , too time-consuming, and France Info's stock market column is the only one that speaks to you in Chinese. This is the observation made by Mon Petit Placement .

First, note that your Livret A , with its minimum rate of 0.5% and current inflation , roughly makes you lose money. The solution ? Place it in handpicked portfolios according to your desires and convictions in 6 promising sectors: Equality , climate , tech , health , solidarity , employment .

And to help you with tailor-made support , an advisor is available to determine the best investments according to your profile. So, everything happens online! No need to ask for an afternoon to go see your banker.

Cap or not?

No need to be reckless if you are more of the cautious type. In complete relaxation, Mon Petit Placement offers individual investors 4 investment portfolios (Voluntary, Energetic, Ambitious, Intrepid) for different levels of risk and return in the medium and long term.

Better: the sums placed are “ liquid ”, as we say in the jargon, that is to say that you can transfer or withdraw them at will, free of charge. Namely that Mon Petit Placement is remunerated with a commission on the results only if you earn money, only on the earnings and not on the basic amount invested. A rather galvanizing win / win relationship, no?

Our gift

Mon Petit Placement and DOITINPARIS give you a 15% LIFETIME reduction on the commissions deducted from your performance with the code DOITINPARIS . It's nothing, it makes us happy.

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