Salted granola: the new food obsession!

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It's back to school madness. Catherine Kluger , the queen of granola , signs for the Food Sources label a series of incredible new recipes made in France available online and in trendy gourmet temples. The buzz is its salty mixture of tomatoes, rosemary and salted paprika that will delight healthy twigs.

How to use it ? As a topping on soups, fromage frais, bowls or salads for a hell of a crunchy touch. The ultimate chic according to Catherine Kluger ? Pump up its casserole eggs and make it the star dish of your next brunch. Yummy!

1. Fry the spinach in olive oil . If they are fresh, just drop them and melt them and if they are frozen, thaw them completely and wring them out.

2. Combine the spinach , paprika , minced parsley and chives , cream , salt and pepper .

3. Place half of the preparation in each of the oven-safe ramekins.

4. Crack over the egg, season with salt and pepper.

5. Bake in a double boiler in the oven at 180 degrees for 5 to 7 minutes. Cooking is finished as soon as the egg white becomes opaque.

6. out of the oven sprinkle everything with the salt mixture with tomatoes, rosemary and paprika.

© Nathalie Carnet

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