The wonderful recipe for Miss Cotton Pear Bagel

Bagel with yellow onion, feta, pear, labney, salad, olive and coconut oil

© Marine Le Berre

Marine Le Berre , aka @mllecoton , food photographer whose Insta feed is more than dreaming, shared with us the recipe for her pear and feta bagel . A revisit of the famous bagel with avocado that we no longer present. Ultra quick to make, it's the simple and gourmet recipe for fall, we love it!

For 2 bagels.


  • Preheat your oven to 200 ° C, cut your pear into thin slices.

  • Arrange the slices on a baking sheet and brush with oil coconut, maple syrup and little secret ingredient: vanilla syrup.

  • Sauté your yellow onion, previously cut in oil coconut (or olive oil if you prefer) and 2 tbsp. tablespoon of sugar , over low heat.

  • Stir regularly for the first few minutes. Leave at least 20 minutes on the heat, the longer it cooks the better .
Bagel à la poire dressés sur une assiette et une poire


  • Cut your bagels in half, right in the center. To add an even more gourmet side to the recipe: put a little vanilla syrup on a plate , turn the open breads onto the plate and let soak while the pears are in the oven.

  • Spread the labneh cheese on both sides of the bagel bread.

  • Place the sliced pear nicely on the cheese spread, you can add more at the end, just before closing the bagel.

  • Arrange the candied onions with a spoon .

  • Then add the different salad leaves , which you will lightly sprinkle with olive oil and a few drops of maple syrup .

  • Crumble the feta with your fingers .

  • Garnish with salt & pepper . Spices are always welcome but not mandatory in this recipe!

  • We close the bagel with his “ hat ”, and it's ready. Enjoy your meal !

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