The secret to tasty Cali Uptown tacos

Tacos Cali Uptown

The most adulated sisters of Paris Juliette and Capucine Vigand make us salivate with Cali Uptown , the little brother of Cali Sisters who has just opened in the 10th and whose room is always full.

Among the thousand-time Instagrammed bestsellers: their ultra-sexy ceviche tacos . To fall. Here is the recipe .


3 corn tortillas

180 gr of sea bream

15 gr of grilled corn

1⁄4 pink grapefruit

2 limes

1 red onion

10 gr of green jalapeño pepper

1⁄2 bunch of coriander

Pinch of cumin

7 gr d'ail

15 ml of maple syrup

80 ml olive oil


Prepare the salsa verde .

In a thermomix , mix 1⁄4 of red onion, a green jalapeño , 1 fifth (approximately) of the bunch of coriander , the juice and zest of a lime , the ground cumin , the garlic and the syrup of 'maple .

Add 40 ml of olive oil .

Prepare the ceviche .

Finely chop a few other branches of coriander , slice 1⁄4 of the red onion .

Take 40 gr of grapefruit segments and cut them into 2 or 3. In a small bowl, mix the sea bream , cilantro , red onions, tostado corn (but South American).

Add salt and pepper.

Mix and add 40 ml of olive oil and the juice of the 2nd lime and put the ingredients together.

Color the tortilla on both sides on the plancha and spread 1 tablespoon of salsa verde on the tortilla. Place 2 tablespoons of ceviche on the tortilla.

Decorate with a few sprigs of cilantro on top and place 3 small lime wedges next to the tacos to season.

Also discover the new bestseller of the star chef of London and 20 minutes flat to make the incredible ceviche of Juan Arbelaez .

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