How to prepare a ceviche quickly, well done?

Recette Ceviche

Notice to those who can't order anything else when a ceviche comes to the table. This fresh and exotic recipe by Christophe Schmitt , chef at the luxurious Terre Blanche resort nestled between Provence and the Côte d'Azur, will have the effect of a trip to Peru without leaving his kitchen.

Ingredients to shop for 8 people

950 g lean

2 pieces of avocado

1 piece of mango

1 piece pomegranate

1 piece of coconut

150 g of wild rice

1 piece of red onion

3 pieces of passion fruit

2 pieces lime juice

80 g of mango vinegar (Beaujolais oil mill)

60 g olive oil from Provence

40 gr of lavender honey

15 g of ginger

3 gr of sel

1 bunch of cilantro

1 Espelette pepper

coarse salt


Remove the skin from the lean then put in the salt for 8 minutes. Rinse under running cold water and set aside in a dry cloth.

Quickly brown each side of the lean in a very hot pan with very little fat. The fish must remain raw. Place it in the refrigerator.

Peel a mango and make balls with a melon baller (3 balls per plate).

Combine the mango scraps, passion fruit pulp, honey, mango vinegar, grated ginger, salt, lime zest and juice in a blender then emulsify with olive oil.

Roast the wild rice in a dry pan so that it puffs.

Open the coconut in 2 (keep the juice for another preparation), remove the shell and place the pieces of coconut in the freezer.

Cut the avocados into thin slices with the skin on. Grill then marinate in olive oil, salt and lime juice. 3 slices of avocado per person. Remove the skin when plating.

Mix the avocado scraps with the Espelette pepper, salt and lime juice. Place in a pocket.

Open the pomegranate in 2 then using a tablespoon tap the pomegranate to extract the fruit.


In a deep plate: start with thin slices of lean meat, points of mixed avocado, grilled avocado slices, mango balls, points of mango/passion fruit vinaigrette, pomegranate and crispy rice. Finish with the grated glazed coconut and a few coriander shoots.


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