The egg from the Contraste henhouse: the buzz food of the moment

L Oeuf Du Poulailler

The two chefs of the ' Contraste restaurant , the Catalan Kevin de Porre and the Breton Erwan Ledru , share their crazy recipe for eggs from the henhouse and from the river. In addition, the products are exclusively from the terroirs ... the perfect contrast between land and sea.


  • For the Royal eel smoke. Make an eel broth , cut the eel into large pieces (500g), put it in water (4 liters) with peppercorns. A boil then 2 hours of infusion. Strain and cool. Add the cream and the 7 eggs. Mix everything in the blender. Cook the royale until you get a flickering texture, directly in the dressing bowl of your starter.

  • For the beetroot puree . Peel, wash and trim the beets, cut into small pieces. In a sauté pan, lightly brown the pieces, wet them up, cook gently. Once well cooked, mix them without the cooking water. Season.

  • For the beet pickles . Peel and wash the beets. Cut strips of O, 5 centimeters thick. In a saucepan, cover the slices with 3/4 raspberry vinegar , 1/4 water and 10% sugar of the total mass. Bring to a boil and cool in the vinegar.

  • For puffed cereals . Overcook the venerated rice and red quinoa in salted water. Drain the two cereals and only rinse the rice with clear water. Dry the rice in the oven at 90 degrees on a baking sheet. Take out, once the grains are dry on the outside but slightly soft in the center (about 2h30). In a deep fryer, heat to 250 degrees, fry the rice for a few seconds while the trains blow. Drain on paper towels. For the quinoa, heat a base of oil to 190 degrees, put the quinoa and make it puff then drain as for rice.

  • For the marinated chicken eggs . Line the bottom of a baking sheet with a mixture of 3/4 salt, 1/4 sugar (about 1 cm thick) and gently place the egg yolks without piercing them, separate from their white. Cover them completely and delicately with the rest of the mixture. Let stand in the fridge for 5 hours. After 5 hours, take them out of the mixture, rinse them with clean water and then marinate them in the vinegar mixture used for the beet pickles.

  • For bottarga egg, do the same but leave 24 hours in sugar salt mixture. Rinse. Dry them in an oven at 65 degrees for 4 hours, turn them over after two hours.

  • For dressage. Take the bowl with the royal in the bottom, line the royale with a tablespoon of beetroot puree, smooth. Place the beetroot pickles cut into cubes on the mash, leaving room in the middle to place the marinated egg yolk. Add lots of puffed cereal . Arrange the trout eggs then the chives . Place the marinated egg yolk in the center in the space reserved. Put a little fleur de sel and a crack of a pepper mill on the dressing. Once served, grate the egg bottarga using a microplane grater.

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