Dare the kiwi compote

Compote Kiwi Granola

Zap the applesauce for a much more tangy and exotic seasonal version .

Recipe for 10 jars


Kiwi compote:

Give a broth to the water , sugar and vanilla . Peel the kiwis and cut them into large brunoise. Pour the kiwis into the mixture and cook over low heat for about twenty minutes. Check the evaporation of the water , use a quick blender and remove.

Granola :

Heat the oil and maple syrup . Mix with all the other ingredients except the pistachios . Spread out on a baking sheet with baking paper. Bake in a ventilated oven at 145 ° C for 20 minutes. Once cooled, mix it with the pistachios .

Assembly and finishes:

Make the granola . Prepare the compote then cool. Peel the kiwis then make a 1cmX1cm brunoise, set aside. Start by filling the jars with 180 g of kiwi compote . Then add 20 g of granola . Finish with the kiwi brunoise , arrange the brunoise harmoniously and add more yellow kiwis than green.

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