Véronique's simple steak tartare

Tartare De Boeuf

How to please a large table in the countryside and prepare a light summer lunch without having to worry? Explanations from Véronique Constantinoff , founder of Do It In Paris, who always goes on vacation with a tribe.

"Steak tartare ! I have a very simple recipe to make that everyone is crazy about. My secret ? Add a good dose of mayo, season it well with Worcestershire, Viandox, Tabasco sauce…

Recipe for 4 people.


800g minced beef (rather rump steak)

1 medium onion


Worcestershire sauce

A few drops of Viandox

A few drops of Tabasco

For the mayo:

1 egg yolk

2 tablespoon of mustard

20cl of peanut oil


Start by preparing the mayonnaise without panicking because, even if you missed it, it can be used.

Put the egg yolk then the mustard in a salad bowl, mix well then gradually incorporate the peanut oil and when it is firm add the Worcertershire sauce and the Viandox .

Mix the mayonnaise with the minced meat delicately but for a long time . Not necessarily all the mayonnaise, it's up to you.

Then add the onion and Tabasco . The best is really to taste to adjust the seasoning.

Before serving, chop a few branches of chives.

Perfect served with a good green salad and of course homemade fries .


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