The gratin of forgotten vegetables with goat cheese

Gratin Chevre Aux Legumes

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Parsnips, Jerusalem artichokes and potatoes to brown with Chavignol . It's the unique, family-friendly, easy-to-prepare and super sexy seasonal dish that will comfort smalas during confinement. The cool trick: vary the pleasures by sliding two-colored carrots in the gratin or butternut .

Goat cheese gratin recipe

Peel the potatoes , parsnips and Jerusalem artichokes . Slice them very thinly, ideally with a mandolin.

Peel and crush the garlic. Butter a gratin dish. Rub it with the garlic (leaving it in the dish).

Arrange the vegetables nicely by interspersing them with strips of Chavignol AOP and finishing with a layer of cheese .

Mix the cream and the milk , with nutmeg , salt and pepper. Sprinkle it over the vegetables.

Sprinkle with thyme and bake for 50 minutes. When the tip of a knife sinks easily into the vegetables and the top is au gratin, take it out of the oven and serve immediately with a good salad .

Also find the ultimate foodporn light and vegan bar and a falafel bowl between two confcall .

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