Unusual: a risotto made from spelled, creamy lemon and Tomme de Savoie

Risotto Epautre

A small veggie recipe made with spelled to pimp into a creamy risotto with lemon and spring vegetables, to be nabbed frozen since they are not yet on the market.

Spelled risotto recipe

Make shavings in a nice piece of Tomme de Savoie using a peeler. Reserve in the fridge.

Cook the vegetables in boiling, salted water for 2 to 4 minutes. Cool well after cooking. The vegetables should be just tender. Reserve.

For the risotto : finely chop the shallots , brown them in olive oil in a pan until translucent. Deglaze them with white wine . Then add the spelled and moisten regularly with hot broth . Mix regularly to prevent the risotto from sticking.

Cook for about twenty minutes. The spelled should be slightly crunchy. At the end of cooking add 50 g of grated tomme cheese, lemon juice and zest and a knob of butter.

For the lemon cream: mix in a blender the candied lemons and the sugar to obtain a homogeneous mixture, add it to the risotto.

Arrange the risotto in bowls, adding a good handful of vegetables to each and sprinkling the top with the tomme shavings.

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