The 3 cult recipes of the restaurant Les Niçois

Recette Les Nicois

We no longer present Les Niçois , a southern collective led by Olivier Chini and Luc Sananes who distills good life in Paname with pétanque, Ricard cocktails and pissaladières. In short: the best of Nissa Bella that we obviously find in their coolest Parisian bar in the 11th arrondissement or in their restaurant in the 9th arrondissement.

More than a restaurant and very good products, at Les Niçois, it is downright an art of living that the gang offers. Their credo: The South is better . Here then. And it is precisely the title of their new book which comes out at Flammarion and passes not only their exquisite recipes, but also their favorite addresses of a Nice which belongs only to them.

In short: the new bible to offer yourself urgently!

The riviera

And here is the star of the Niçois nights! Imagined by Rémi Savage at the opening of our eponymous bar club in 2016, it has been the bestseller of our restaurants ever since, and we still love it as much ”, explain Olivier Chini and Luc Sananes .

The recipe : The hardest part will be the pineapple syrup with fleur de sel from Guérande. To do this, clean your pineapple and put it in the juicer. Collect the juice and weigh it. Put 2/3 of the volume of pineapple juice in white sugar and add two nice pinches of fleur de sel . Bring to the boil, let reduce then turn off the heat and set aside. ”

In a shaker, put five or six ice cubes and pour the rum, Pineau des Charentes, lime, pineapple syrup and close. “ Shake hard, the goal for a good shake being to hit the ice cubes well on the bottom and on the cap of the shaker. Everything else is cinema ”.

In a 25 cl glass of container, pour five or six ice cubes depending on their size, run the contents of the shaker and toppate (fill the rest) with very cool ginger beer.

“You are now equipped with the best in drinks in the Parisian nightlife.”


“If aunt Domi (Dominique for the family) dominates one thing, it's the pissaladière .

Sumptuous, both melting and crunchy, this little treasure combines all the aromas of southern herbs for a result that will surprise you like a whiplash. ”

The recipe : “Peel all the onions (a little tip: put them in the fridge one night in advance, it will always help to cry less). Cut them in half, then thinly slice them, like extra thin strips of half a millimeter. ”

Heat the olive oil in a large roundel. Throw in the chopped onions and add the sugar, herbs, salt and pepper and then the chopped garlic on top. Mix well. Let the onions confit quietly: the first 5 minutes over high heat, stirring constantly then over very low heat and covered until the onions are candied and nicely colored.

Roll out the dough to obtain a thickness of 2 mm then arrange the candied onions on top. Spread them with a wooden spoon and arrange the pitcholin olives. Depending on taste, add the salted anchovy fillets before cooking (or the marinated anchovy fillets after cooking in the oven).

Bake for ten minutes in an oven at 200 ° C until the dough is nicely colored on the sides, or even just begins to darken, but no more. Take out of the oven, cut cleanly. It's ready.

For anchovy aficionados: when cooking the onions, add 6 salted anchovy fillets and 10 marinated anchovy fillets to make the pissalat that will be spread in the same way as the candied onions. So the real pissaladière you will have . ”

Grilled corn with anchovy butter

“Yes, corn is also Nice! Here is our particularly tasty version of the famous barbecued cob. Sharpen your toothpicks to let your delighted smile spruce up your garden party. ”

Clean your corn cobs by removing the leaves (barbs) and threads. Put a large pot of salted water to boil then, when the bubbles are well formed, immerse your ears for a good ten minutes.

Once cooled, massage your ears with nice pieces of anchovy butter. On your BBQ (or grill) arrange your ears and turn them regularly, adding here and there small dabs of anchovy butter for the shape. Go out, eat hot.


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