To eat apples !

Gateau Aux Pommes

The melting apples recipe of Beatriz Gonzalez, the Mexican chef of the Left Bank Grande Epicerie restaurant,  whose style is based on subtle mixes of sweet/salty as well as touches of perfectly dosed acidity on the plates.

For 8 persons • Preparation: 3 h 30 • Cooking : 3 h

For the apple cake (to be prepared the night before):

Peel, rinse and mince the apples finely.

Clarify the butter, add the thin slivers of ginger then allow to infuse for 30 min.Mix the butter, the ginger, the Maïzena and the glazed sugar. Incorporate the apples.

Place in a big dish grand plat covered with sulfurized paper, packing the mixture down well. Cover with sulfurized paper and aluminium.

Bake at 200°C during about 3h. Place in a cool place and weigh down to press on the cake. Allow to sit all night long.

For the caramel powder:

Make a dry caramel (without water) until you obtain a brown colour. Place on a plaque. Once cold, mix.

Sprinkle the caramel powder on the apple cake, then bake for a few minutes so that it caramelizes.

For the shortbread:

using a robot, mix all the elements except the egg yolks until you obtain a sandy texture then add the yolks. Set aside.

Spread thinly on a plaque. Cut up dough squares and bake at 170°c for 12 min.

For the presentation:

place a square slice of apple cake on a place. Cover with a shortbread.

Finish by decorating with the flowers.


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Ingredients :

Apple cake :

- 1,25 kg of Pink Lady apples

- 125 g of butter

- 15 g of fresh ginger

- 50 g of Maïzena corn flour

- 12,5 g of glazed sugar

Powder of caramel :

- 62,5 g of sugar

- 1,25 g of fleur de sel

Shortbread :

- 50 g of flou

- 37,5 g of butter

- 19 g of coconut sugar

- 1 g of fleur de sel

- 5 egg yolks

Edible flowers :

- Pansies, marigold, green shiso, red shiso

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