We want asparagus!

Asperges Sauce Gribiche

It’s the beginning of white asparagus season. Make a beeline for this small treasure from the sands of the Landes to dip in gribiche sauce. A sinful delight we love!

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 6 minutes

For 4 persons:

Peel the asparagus, place them on the counter and remove thin layers of skin with a vegetable razor. Equalize the asparagus to bento size (set aside the diced up rest of the asparagus stems for a nice salad). Plunge the asparagus for 6 minutes in boiling salt water, drain and allow to cool down.

Dice up the capers, the pickles, the hardboiled eggs and the aromatic herbs. In a salad bowl, put together the gribiche sauce: whip up the mustard and the vinegar, season with salt and pepper. Pour a little peanut oil. When the sauce is firm and thick, incorporate the egg and herb hash. Place the asparagus in each bento box and garnish the small compartment with gribiche sauce.

© J-C Amiel / O. Souksis Savanh / white asparagus from the Landes  sand IGP


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-      16 aparagus grown in the sands of the Landes IGP

For the preparation of the gribiche sauce with herbs:

-      80 g of small cornichons pickles

-      20 g of capers

-      2 hardboiled eggs

-      4 sprigs of flat parsley

-      6 sprigs of chives

-      2 sprigs of coriander

-      2 teaspoons of strong mustard

-      10 tablespoons of peanuts oil

-      2 teaspoons  of Xérès vinegar

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