Carpaccio of chorizo and banana


·        Preparation: 20 min

For 4 persons

Preparation :

·        Cut the two ends of the banana, then split in half. Then make relatively thin slices.

·        Alternate the carpaccio of chorizo and the banana slices, overlapping them slightly.

·        Squeeze the green lemon and set aside the juice in a small bowl. Add the honey, salt slightly then mix all together, in order for the honey to melt totally.

·        Pour over the carpaccio, then add a dash of ground pepper from the mill.

·        Taste with small grilled toasts.

Recipe credits: AIB-Delphine Constantini

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-  2 bananas

-  8 very thin slices of chorizo

-  1 green lemon

-  1 teaspoon of honey

-  Salt

-  Ground pepper

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