Tarama in the Evi Evane style


Dina Nikolalou unveils for us the secret tarama recipe that has all of Paris salivating.

1 Soak the bread in the water. Peel and crush the onion in the mixer, add the cod eggs and knead ntil the mixture is smooth.

2 Drain the bread by placing in a dry piece of cloth to get rid of the water.

3 Continue without interruption churning the mix in the mixer while adding the bread and the oil little by little, and to finish, the lemon juices.

livre recettes grecques dina nikolalou evi evane

«  Recipe taken from Grèce, la recette authentique by Dina Nikolaou, published by Hachette Cuisine. Photographis : Emanuela Cino. Styling: Mélanie Martin. »

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200 g of uncoloured cod eggs

100 g of toast bread 1 onion

50 cl of sunflower oil

2 lemons (juice)

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