A wildly girly play

This is the play to see with the gals! Marie et Lise, two BFF (Best Friends Forever) actresses and starlets see their friendship go by the wayside in one evening.

The origin of their dispute? Just because Lise arrives late, like the straw that breaks the camel’s back, after which follows a series of reproaches and really girly hair pulling: boy stories and other small jalousies…

Between complicity, laughs, unsaid things and lies, the two friends bicker and flirt dangerously with rupture.

We like: a punchy, funny and touching theatrical play, interpreted by two young very promising comedians, who make us dwell on our own way of maintaining friendships.

Je fais mieux l’amitié que l’amour (et encore…)

Until 25 February 2014, on Tuesday at 9h30pm and from 4 to 25 March 2014 on Tuesday at 8pm

Full rate 21,50 €

Photo credit: Laurent Demartini

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