Pork cheeks glazed in honey

Joues De Porc

Peel the onion and cut in fine circles. Flour the pork cheeks.

Heat up a pot with oil and 30 g of butter, colour the pork cheeks 7 to 8 min on a high flame. Add the onion, the bouquet garni, honey and fennel.

Salt, pour the beer, cover and cook 2 h 30 on an average flame.

Meanwhile, in a warm pan, roast the nuts for a few seconds.

Cut up the broccoli into bouquets. Cook for 7 to 8 min on boiling salty water.


Cleanse the mushrooms and cut in half. Pan fry with the rest of the butter. When all the water is drained, salt and pepper.

Serve the glazed pork cheeks with the panned broccolis and mushrooms sprinkled with almonds.


Also discover the pork ribs with honey, thyme and lavender and the veal steak in sage and nut crust.

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Ingredients for 4 persons


800 g of pork cheeks

1 broccoli head

500 g of Paris mushrooms

1 onion

1 garnished bouquet (lemon, thyme, rosemary, laurel)

A few slivered almonds

A few seeds of fennel

2 tablespoons of honey

33 cl of blond beer

2 tablespoons of flour

50 g of butter

1 dash of olive oil


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