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With only 85 calories per slice, we are going to be able to gobble up this coconut cake, ideal for Parisiennes on a diet. A recipe taken from the book Gâteau ventre plat (flat tummy book) published by Editions Larousse that compiles the light versions of all our favourite pastries.

For 6-8 shares (of 60 g)

Preparation : 10 min – Cooking : 25 min

Preheat the oven at 180 °C (th. 6). Mix the eggs and the sugar until the mixture whitens.

Add the apple sauce, the farmer cheese and the coconut then incorporate the corn starch and the yeast.

Pour the dough in a 20 cm square sided mould and bake for 25 min.

Unmould and place in a fresh spot until serving time.

Slim tip:

There is no fat added, the apple sauce ad the farmer cheese are enough to give body to the cake. As for the corn starch, there is very little, just enough to tie it all together. Thus we obtain a creamy result with twice less kcal compared to shelf version.

Le livre gâteau ventre plat

Also discover the mexican flan with passion fruit, coconut and lemon and the cannelé by Jacques Genin.

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Ingredients :

• 3 eggs

• 40 g of substitute sugar (xylitol)

• 100 g of light apple sauce

• 90 g of farmer cheese with 3 % fat

• 30 g of grated coconut

• 15 g of corn starch

• 1/2 sachet of chemical yeast

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